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Information Center – Library – Hai Duong Vocational College
Office: 2nd floor, Building E – Tien Trung area, Ai Quoc ward, Hai Duong city


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Library Center helps the Principal with Library work and scientific information , including the organization, management of the Library and serving readers.


– Well organize and manage the Library to effectively serve your needs reading, reference, research by officials, teachers and students in the School.

– Develop a plan to add books, newspapers, textbooks, magazines… at home and abroad in professional disciplines and industries related to the School.

– There is a plan to modernize the Library step by step, increase storage capacity, organize and strictly manage books, newspapers, .. . according to the Library’s regulations.

– Combine with departments and faculties to plan and organize the compilation, printing, publishing of textbooks and textbooks , reference materials for training, scientific research and technology deployment. Organize the printing, reprinting, repair and preservation of textbooks and documents in service of teaching, learning and scientific research of staff, teachers and pupils.

– Build folders, arrange scientifically, neatly. Organizing a room to borrow a reading room is convenient for readers to study and refer to documents.

– Organize to store and serve reference the results of scientific research works, textbooks, and major projects of the staff. ministry, teachers, students, students in the School.

– Enhance search and exploitation, update scientific information, new books and documents. Periodically publish bibliographic information and introduce new books, documents, journals and scientific and technological information to readers.

– Collect and exploit information on training, enrollment, employment and other useful information for the House’s activities school.

– Coordinate with the organizers to sell books and documents to students and staff in need at the specified price.</p p>

– Organizing extracurricular activities for first-year students on using Library materials.

– Build Library’s working rules, borrowing room rules, reading room. Make library cards for staff, teachers and students in the School.

– Coordinate with relevant units to handle cases of book and document debt of officials, teachers and students. member of the School.

– Organize, perform other assigned tasks.




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