5K is more important than vaccines

While the whole world is optimistic about the pushback corona virus by vaccination, a series of countries are having to apply a quarantine order again because of the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic.

Cause COVID-19 outbreak can be seen mainly due to negligence of countries in taking measures to prevent the spread of the virus.

For third world countries, access to vaccines is even more difficult. and more slowly, any neglect in preventing the spread of the virus is a disaster that the neighboring countries around us these days are the clearest warning.

Vietnam has spent nearly 1.5 years with supposedly decent control successful in containing the outbreak of the virus. Vaccines are also being deployed to immunize the entire population.

However, we cannot be negligent in taking precautions. the spread of the virus because the number of people vaccinated is small, and as health professionals have repeatedly warned: vaccines do not help prevent the spread of the virus until the entire population or at least 70 % of population vaccinated.

Moreover, we have very long borders with our neighbors that currently Now the epidemic is spreading strongly in their country. We used to have to block off some areas in cities because some people returning from neighboring countries did not comply with isolation to reduce the risk of community transmission.

In the past few days, the number of illegal border crossing people has returned, despite the push to prevent stop, sound the alarm to stop more carefully.

It can be seen that the application of the measure of wearing a mask, limiting contact between people With people, local or global social distancing, hand sanitizer are measures that have been applied by countries when the COVID-19 epidemic broke out. Vietnam has applied these measures drastically along with zoning the epidemic for isolation, so it has effectively controlled the epidemic so far.

In this situation, pending the effects of the vaccine, applying 5K is still the primary care. Every citizen must always raise the spirit of vigilance against the epidemic. Border control against illegal entry is the duty of border guards, but it is the duty of each citizen to help the government detect illegal entry into the city or countryside. We want to have normal activities like today.
Washing hands and masks must be done regularly to limit the transmission of not only corona virus but also limit the spread transmission of other viruses and bacteria.

The emergency measure right now, most importantly, is still 5K: wear the aperture Make up, disinfect hands and household items, keep a safe distance, do not gather in crowds if not necessary, make medical declarations when moving. The long holidays are coming, the summer is also coming, the application of 5K must be paid more attention.

If there is a vaccine without 5K, it is still an environment for the virus to grow . There is no magic or medicine as effective as the initiative of each citizen, starting from the 5K measure.

(Source: tuoitre.vn)

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