Information Technology job vacancies

If you love information technology (IT) and want to find a job with a high salary, you have a lot of options. The following list of job openings in the information technology  industry will give you a clearer view of career opportunities in this field.

Some high-paying IT jobs require candidates to have a Bachelor’s degree, Practical Engineer in IT, computer science, software engineering, etc. Some employers are interested in the quality of work. your job rather than a formal education. Various IT job positions such as coding or software programming can accept candidates with college degrees if you have experience and completed many outstanding projects.

Jobs in the information technology industry are extremely diverse

I. HOT IT jobs

With the information technology industry, there are many jobs with many different positions. Please follow the details of Hot information technology jobs below to have the fastest and most suitable choice.

  • Internal audit specialist.
  • Information technology intern.
  • Information technology project manager.
  • IT staff.
  • Information technology engineer.
  • Inspection specialist.
  • IT staff.
  • Information technology systems engineer.
  • Information technology lecturer.
  • Head of IT service business.
  • Secretary-Director of the Information Technology Division.

II. Information technology job vacancies

Below is a list of some of the most popular IT job positions as well as a description of each title.

1. Computer network specialist

Computer network specialists and analysts define, design, build, and maintain a wide range of data communication networks and systems. To do this job, you must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or related. Some also have master’s degrees, studying information systems. Some specific job positions include:

  • Computer network architect.
  • Computer systems analyst.
  • Computer system administrator.
  • IT Analyst.
  • IT Coordinator.
  • Network administrator.
  • Network engineer.

2. Software/application developer

Software developers design, run, and test different programs or applications for computers and mobile devices. To become a software developer, you also need a bachelor’s degree in computer science, information technology, computing, and more. and especially requires good programming skills.

Previously, analysts predicted that the demand for software / application development jobs in the period 2018-2028 will increase by 21%. Some of the job positions include:

  • Application developer.
  • Application engineer.
  • Programmer.
  • Java programmer.
  • Software engineer.
  • .NET programmer.
  • System architect.
  • Software architect.
  • Software development specialist.
  • Software quality assurance analyst.
Software and application developers are hot positions that attract young people today

3. Web developer

Web developers design, create, and modify websites. They are responsible for maintaining a stable, user-friendly website that provides the necessary functions for customer needs. Some jobs will require a bachelor’s degree, while others may accept an associate’s degree, including classes in HTML, JavaScript, or SQL. The specific position of this information technology job is:

  • Front End Developer.
  • Website administrator.
  • Web programmer.

4. Computer maintenance and repair staff

Computer maintenance and repair staff along with network administrators help users organize, maintain and repair computers. You will test, evaluate the network systems, make sure they work properly. You can get this job by going to college or university, getting related certifications, etc. Job titles may include:

  • Admin customer support.
  • Technicians.
  • IT system administrator.
  • Technical support specialist.

5. Database Administrator

A database administrator helps to store and organize customer data or a company’s business. In doing this, you will be responsible for protecting your data from unauthorized users, unauthorized access and connections. You can work within the company or provide database administration services for businesses with large database systems such as financial companies,… The jobs include:

  • Database Administrator.
  • Data security analyst.

6. Information security specialist, network security expert

The rate of cyber attacks is increasing. The risk of identity theft leads to an increasing need for information security and maintaining network security every day, especially with commercial websites and government portals. Information security experts, network security experts help companies and organizations protect computer networks and computer systems.

You will plan and implement a range of security measures, such as installing and using protection software, simulating cyber attacks to test the system. This information technology job position includes:

  • Security engineer.
  • Information security engineer.
  • Information security specialist.
  • Network security engineer.
Pursuing the information technology industry, the chances of getting a good job are quite high

7. Cloud engineer

Cloud engineers define, design, build, and maintain systems and solutions that leverage systems and infrastructure managed by cloud service providers. Specific job titles include:

  • Cloud Architect.
  • Cloud computing solution consultant.
  • Project management and cloud products.
  • Cloud system administrator.
  • Cloud system engineer.

8. Management jobs in the information technology industry

If you have a good background and training, experience working with successful IT projects and outstanding management skills, you can aim for management positions in this field. You need to know how to set up and implement policies and execute projects that meet IT goals on time and on budget.

Management positions in the IT sector include:

  • Chief Information Officer (CIO).
  • Chief Technology Officer (CTO).
  • Information technology director.
  • Head of IT department.

III. IT career opportunities

For many years in a row, information technology has continuously reached the top of the future careers, the highest paying careers… That has partly shown the attractiveness of job positions in this field. .

In Vietnam in particular and in the world in general, IT is always a hot industry for a number of reasons: Many job opportunities, high salary, easy to get a job (as long as your qualifications and skills meet the job requirements. ). In recent years, the number of students taking the exam and studying the IT majors has increased continuously, and many even decided to switch careers to this field.

It is predicted that in the future, IT will still play a leading role, directly influencing other industries, from production to business and even social life. No matter which direction you choose, any IT job position, be confident that you have a lot of prospects and space to grow, as long as you have passion, effort and excellence enough to compete. painting.

IV. Tips for choosing a job in the IT industry

There are many such roles in the IT industry, so which one is for you? The answer depends on you. Ask yourself what do you love? What can be done? These two questions are closely related. When you really want to do something, it means you have passion, motivation to constantly learn and strive to achieve and complete.

However, the possibilities of each person are not limitless, there are many things you like but can’t afford, you have to consider the things that are more suitable – it’s the same in work. Assuming, you like game programming but can’t take the exam, you can still switch to work in roles such as IT staff, technicians.

Of course, if what you love and what you can do are one, what could be more ideal. When qualified, you can consider roles that are expected to have a lot of recruitment demand in the future and “huge” salaries such as software engineer, AI engineer,… Not all Everyone has the same conditions to choose, but with the IT industry, you should rely on your desires and abilities to make decisions.

If you are looking for a job as an IT employee, cloud engineer, security engineer, or looking for a job as a system engineer… or any position related to the IT industry, you can refer to it. More updated job listings on There are many new jobs here, with full requirements and specific salary, to help you briefly assess the job as well as your suitability for the job for which you need to apply.


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