Unit name: Faculty of Fashion Sewing
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Faculty of Fashion Sewing – Hai Duong Vocational College
Office: 4th floor, Building G – Tien Trung area, Ai Quoc ward, Hai Duong city


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– Manage and organize vocational training as assigned by the School.

– Scientific research.

– Participate in enrollment when summoned

– Solve, arrange teacher work and other tasks.

– Comprehensive management of staff, teachers and students in the faculty, recommending commendation, discipline, and permission regulations of the University, taking care of the life, material, cultural and spiritual life for staff, teachers and students in the faculty.


– Vocational training is regulated by the School with 3 levels: vocational college, vocational intermediate and elementary vocational training in the form of collective training. center and joint training. In order to equip learners with the ability to practice profession commensurate with their training level, health, ethics, professional conscience, sense of discipline, and industrial manners, meeting their career adaptability and love of work. labor market demand.

– Organize the construction, supplementation and completion of the training program objectives, content, and methods of training specialized disciplines, study at the assigned training levels in accordance with the practical requirements of labor demand and scientific and technical progress of the world.

– Organize meetings, periodic professional activities to improve professional qualifications, teaching skills, hand skills profession for teachers in the faculty.

– Develop a teaching assignment plan for teachers in the department.

– Manage teachers and faculty staff in the process of performing assigned tasks. Be responsible to the School Leader for the teaching staff managed by the faculty.

– Manage and organize the implementation of plans, goals, programs, content, and methods of vocational training approved by the School’s Leaders approve; Take responsibility before the School Leadership for the quality of training of teachers, students, and students of the faculty.

– Organize teaching activities: exam, test, complete training records, score and summarize results learners’ learning according to regulations.

– Organize and carry out scientific and technical research projects and application of technical advances, technology transfer, participation production, business and service activities according to regulations.

– Organize and implement the guidelines, policies, directives, resolutions, rules and regulations of superiors. Comprehensive management of students and faculty members in terms of politics, ideology, organization, personnel, training, labor, guidance on dealing with regimes and policies, synthesis of learning results, and discipline. , reward, and comment on students, students annually and courses according to regulations.

– Manage, use and maintain, effectively maintain facilities and equipment according to regulations.

– Implement the enrollment work according to the School’s regulations

– Coordinate and create conditions for mass organizations including: Party, Trade Union, Ho Chi Minh Communist Youth Union and other mass organizations perform well their functions and tasks.

– Organizing, directing and summarizing the emulation movement of teaching well, studying well and other emulation contents in the faculty. Subject to the inspection and supervision of the University and State management agencies.

 – Implement the reporting mode according to the regulations and take responsibility for your own reported data.

– Organize cultural, sports and entertainment activities for students in the faculty.

– Organize, perform other assigned tasks


Dean: Bui Thi Thu

Phone: 0396 329 866

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