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Planning – Finance Department – Hai Duong Vocational College
Office: 2nd floor, Building A – Tien Trung area, Ai Quoc ward, Hai Duong city
Phone: (0220) 3 753 299


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– Planning – Finance is a money management tool, always associated with the School’s activities, taking on the function of providing useful information for the Board of Directors to make effective budgeting decisions.

– The Planning – Finance Department is responsible to the Principal for the planning, management, distribution, and supervision of financial use, materials, techniques, payment and settlement in accordance with the regime and regulations on financial management of the State; at the same time, helping the Principal perform the function of managing the financial affairs of the University.


<3 as other revenues arising at the entity. Fully and clearly implement the State’s financial principles and procedures.

– Based on the school’s tasks, targets, and operational plans; based on current financial regime norms; based on the internal spending regulations of the University to develop long-term, short-term, monthly and quarterly plans for training, basic construction, scientific research and other target programs.</ p>

– Allocate funds by item to units in the Field; guide and inspect the implementation of the approved financial plan.

– Build a unified accounting system throughout the school and direct operations in accordance with the State’s regulations.

– Check and control the compliance with revenue and expenditure estimates; the implementation of economic and financial targets and the State’s standards and norms; checking the observance of the discipline of budget collection and payment, payment and settlement in accordance with the State’s regimes and policies

– Keep documents and books, check the management situation, use of materials and public property of the University.

– Prepare and submit financial statements to regulators and financial agencies on time and according to regulations.

– Pay salaries, bonuses and allowances for officials, employees and teachers on time and according to procedures.

– Lead the annual asset inventory.

– Presiding over acceptance and supervision of materials, machinery and equipment, construction works, economic contracts.

– Paying bills and vouchers, promptly serving the School’s activities effectively.

– Processes and procedures for capital construction investment, procurement of fixed assets, goods and supplies for practice and normal repair regularly comply with current regulations.

– Perform other work tasks assigned by the Principal.


Head of Department: Pham Thi Thanh

Phone: 0368 229 855

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