Unit name: Consultancy, Service Center & Manufacture
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Consultancy, Service & Production  – Hai Duong Vocational College
Office: 1st floor, Building A – Tien Trung area, Ai Quoc ward, Hai Duong city
Phone: (0220) 3 753 402


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Organizing and implementing enrollment issues, career counseling, job counseling for students. Link, cooperate in training and recruiting labor according to orders, coordinate with domestic and foreign units and organizations to export labor according to regulations. Forecasting issues related to vocational training.


– Research organization to identify training needs as a basis for building a long-term training development plan of the University. Assess the suitability of training products with the requirements of the employer, advise the Rector on training innovation.

– Organize and implement enrollment according to the School’s annual plan.

– Regularly keep in touch with alumni to get more sources of information needed to evaluate the University’s training products.

– Proposing a mechanism to coordinate and link with localities and training institutions  to create conditions to encourage development, strengthen cooperation in labor training skilled workers.

– Coordinating with training institutions, linking training in the provinces to manage teaching and learning in the locality, linking and opening classes.</ p>

– Preside over and coordinate with organizations inside and outside the University to regularly organize job fairs, introduction, job counseling, and labor export. Organizing counseling work for students (advising on study, career, communication relations,…); conduct introduction and job search for students, graduates right while studying at the University.

– Investigate and forecast training needs, training professions; quantity and quality of labor training.

– Organize, implement and coordinate with units inside and outside the University to conduct production, business and service activities according to regulations.

– The organization contacted production units, enterprises and establishments in bringing students and students to practice production. Coordinate with the unit in the management of teaching and learning at the unit of teachers and students of the School

– Organize, perform other assigned tasks.




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