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By phone & Counseling system, admissions office The school often receives the most common and repeated questions. Candidates and Parents can refer below:

To study at the School, candidates need to ensure the following conditions to be considered for admission (admission examination for secondary school or high school transcripts – no entrance exam):

  • Regular college level: high school graduates or equivalent
  • College level : candidates graduating from Intermediate and graduating from high school or equivalent or completing a high school cultural program li>
  • Intermediate level: Candidates graduating from secondary school or higher

The registration process for vocational training at the school is very compact and simple. Please follow the instructions below:


  • Application Form of Hai Duong Vocational College
    Method 1: Download Application Form
    Option 2: Pick up at the school’s admissions office
  • 01 copy/scanned copy of Academic record, High school diploma and equivalent (for college admission applications) or Secondary school diploma or 01 original of 2021 Graduation Certificate (for candidates students taking the graduation exam in 2021)


Option 1: Submit your profile online. Procedures can be scanned or taken a clear photo and then sent as an attachment to the email address

Option 2: Register directly on website

Option 3: Send documents by post

  • Mailing Address: Admissions Office, Hai Duong Vocational College, Address: Tien Trung, Ai Quoc Ward, Hai Duong City, Hai Duong Province
  • Phone: 0220.3753.402 or Hotline 0877.44.22.99

Option 4: Apply directly at the office of Hai Duong Vocational College

Click here for more information

+ Application period for all occupations from June 1, 2021 to the end of December 15, 2021.

+ Admission time is divided into 4 phases:

  • Phase 1: July 19, 2021
  • Phase 2: August 19, 2021
  • Phase 3: September 15, 2021
  • Phase 4: From October 20, 2021

After receiving the application, the school will conduct an examination of the application, if the application is complete and valid, the school will immediately send a notice of admission to the candidate.

You can ask relatives and friends to transfer documents directly to the school and receive admission notices to help you if you have a need.

You can completely change your registered major as long as this change is done before the date of admission

If you apply directly to the school, you will receive a receipt confirming that the school has accepted your application. If you submit your application online or by post, after receiving the application, the school will call to confirm the status of the application and send the Admission Notice if the application is valid.

After fully checking the application, the School will notify the candidate of the admission immediately by phone before sending the official notice. All valid applications will be considered for admission

You can pre-register for a placeholder at the school before being admitted through the Online registration form. However, the school only confirms the admission after I have the results of the graduation exam according to the training system conditions that I registered for

The deadline to receive the school’s application documents is December 15, 2021, so you can rest assured to submit your application after graduating. However, you can also register online to reserve your spot right now

Students who have completed the 12th grade program, but have not taken the final exam, are still allowed to be considered for admission to the Vocational Intermediate level, but students must supplement with a diploma. graduated from high school or equivalent before graduating from school or participated in 4 additional cultural subjects: Mathematics, Literature, Physics, Chemistry before graduating. During the enrollment process, students – students are facilitated to participate in the high school graduation exam with vocational intermediate classes at the school.”

Hai Duong Vocational College does not organize entrance exams or examine university exam results, only organize admissions based on academic records, 2-year vocational intermediate system Secondary school or high school transcripts and equivalent and 3-year Vocational College system for admission to high school transcripts and equivalent.”

The school receives applications continuously throughout the year, ending on December 15 every year. Intermediate and College systems only consider admissions based on academic records, not entrance exams

It’s true that the school enrolls students nationwide, the school  enrolls students in the form of admissions based on high school transcripts for College and Middle school transcripts for Intermediate. For more information, please contact at phone number: 0877.44.22.99, email: or Click here for details

3 Level Training School

    • College level – candidates graduating from high school or equivalent, training period 2.5 – 3 years

<3 /li>

  • Elementary level: students of working age.

1. Mechanical occupation group:

  • Korean
  • Metal cutting

2. Electrical occupation group:

  • Mechatronics
  • Industrial electricity
  • Operation and repair of refrigeration equipment

3. Occupation group Information technology: information

  • Information Technology (Software Applications)

4. Electronics occupation group:

  • Industrial electronics

5. Sewing occupation group:

  • Fashion sewing

According to the vocational education law, from 2017, there will be no longer the concepts of Vocational Intermediate, Vocational College, Professional Intermediate, and Professional College instead. Only Intermediate and College remain.

Intermediate level will be equivalent to the previous Intermediate Vocational and Intermediate level. Intermediate graduates will be awarded an Intermediate Diploma

College level is equivalent to previous Vocational College and Professional College level. College graduates will be awarded an Associate degree and recognized as a Practical Bachelor or Practical Engineer.

Intermediate and College are the educational levels of the national education system in order to train intermediate and college levels for workers, meeting the needs of employees. direct human resources in production, sales and services. There are some typical differences between Intermediate and College:

    <3 That is why the training programs of the two levels are also different.

  • College graduates are awarded a college diploma and recognized the title of Practical Bachelor or Practical Engineer, while Intermediate graduates are awarded a diploma Graduated from High School

After graduation, you can study continuously to higher systems at universities with related fields or study at schools.

Hai Duong Vocational College is one of 45 schools invested by the Government to become a high-quality school, so it has facilities for training best craft in the area. During the learning process, the students have the opportunity to study on model rooms that simulate real factories, miniature equipment systems, and practice workshops with full machinery and equipment to help them enhance their vocational skills. career, ensuring skills to meet future job requirements.

“Students – students may transfer grades from another school to Hai Duong Vocational College with the following conditions: The school must belong to the same vocational school system as the College Hai Duong profession, same training level, same name of training occupation and vocational training program”

The issue of employment for students – students after graduation are very concerned by the school. Therefore, in the learning process, the School will create conditions for students – students to practice, practice at enterprises to create opportunities for students – students to integrate, practice skills, find employment after graduation.

At the same time, the school also cooperates with many companies and businesses to supply and help students – students find jobs after graduation. Specifically: Hoa Phat Steel Company, Canon VietNam Company, Samsung Vietnam Company, Tinh Loi Garment Company, LG Display Company, Brother Company, Sumidenso Company, Toyodenso Company, Karlos Garment Company, Lilama Company 693, Hai Duong Pump Manufacturing Company….

Students – students after graduation are awarded a National Diploma of College (the title of Practical Engineer) or of Intermediate level, recognized nationally.

Students studying high school culture after graduating are awarded a high school diploma by the Hai Duong Department of Education and Training.

After completing the Industrial Electrical Vocational Program, you will gain the following working skills: Read electrical schematic design drawings, power supply drawings, control circuit principles; Repairing and maintaining electrical equipment on production lines and operating electric machines; Repair common failures in basic automatic control systems; Operate automatic speed regulation systems, control power stations and power grids; Install and operate industrial and household electrical equipment safely.

After graduating from Industrial Electricity, one can work in the following fields: Operation and management of lines, maintenance and repair of power transmission lines; power transmission and distribution stations; electrical operation on the rig; Maintain, repair and manage lines, work in power transmission and distribution stations of factories, enterprises…

After completing the welding training program, you will gain the following working skills: Fabrication of welding workpieces according to the technical requirements of the drawings; Proficient in using welding machines and welding methods (SMAW, MAG/MIG, FCAW, SAW, TIG) from basic to advanced; Welding welds in positions: angle welding (1F – 4F), butt welds from (1G – 4G), pipe welds from welding positions (1G, 2G, 5G, 6G) of ordinary carbon steel.

After graduation, students can participate in jobs such as installing equipment, building pipelines and tanks; working at shipyards, construction companies, building bridges and roads, manufacturing, repairing and maintaining works…with a dynamic working environment, high income..

In the first time of studying (still studying general subjects, not yet entering specialized subjects) if students – students feel unsuitable for their chosen field of study Initially, students – students can transfer to another profession.

Hai Duong Vocational College (HDVTC) is a Public School. The school was established in 2000 and upgraded to College in 2007 according to Decision No. 260/QD-BLDTBXH dated February 15, 2007 of the Minister of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs.

Students – newly admitted students will not be able to apply for a loan immediately, after two months of studying, students will be granted a loan..< /p>

The school has a scholarship system for students – students with good academic results, good morals and good training and enjoy all benefits State regulation.

“Apprenticeship fees are regulated depending on the subject and area and different professions. For more information Click here to see the tuition fee policy of the School”

The campus has spacious and clean playgrounds, students of the University can participate in sports activities at the yard. In particular, the school has 01 mini football field, 01 basketball court, 01 volleyball court and 03 badminton courts on campus, students can participate in soccer to exercise completely free of charge after training sessions. study.

Parents can rest assured because the school places great emphasis on discipline for students. The school will create conditions for you to catch up and learn best. In addition, after each term, the homeroom teacher will send a notification of your learning situation to your family. Or families can actively call the school office to get information about their child.

Currently, most students after graduating from high school have the desire to continue studying in high school to enter the university. However, there is another way that many children do not have access to information, which is the opportunity to study at vocational intermediate level right after graduating from grade 9 (graduation from secondary school). After 3 years of study, the graduates will have 2 degrees: Vocational Intermediate and High School Culture. Then they were able to go to work at companies and factories.

Currently, the Ministry of Education and Training has allowed graduates of vocational intermediate schools to register for entrance exams to regular universities. In addition, graduates of vocational secondary schools also have the opportunity to continue their studies to vocational colleges and universities.

With the location at Tien Trung station, the junction of National Highway 5 and Highway 18, the eastern center of Hai Duong city, Hai Duong Vocational College is very traffic convenience. There are many bus routes running through the bus stop at the school gate:

1. Route 208 West Bus Station – Luc Nam Bus Station, Bac Giang

Bus route: West bus station of Hai Duong city – Nguyen Luong Bang street – May Su intersection – Le Thanh Nghi street – T-junction Take Bridge – Thong Nhat Street – Bach Dang Street – Tran Hung Dao Street – Phu Luong Overpass – National Highway 5 – TREE TIEN TRUNG LANGUAGE – National Highway 37 ( Old National Highway 183) – Sao Do town – Con Son lake – Da Coc junction – Cam Ly bridge – Than intersection – Luc Nam bus station, Bac Giang (end point).

2. Route 207 Hai Tan Bus Station – Uong Bi Bus Station, Quang Ninh

Bus route: Hai Tan bus station – Le Thanh Nghi street – Porcelain intersection – Dien Bien Phu street – National highway 5 – < span style=”color: #3366ff;”>THE TIEN TRUNG TREE TERM – National Highway 183 – Sao Do junction – National Highway 18 – Dong Trieu – Mao Khe – Uong Bi bus station (Nam Khe ward – end point) ).

3. Route 18 West Bus Station – Mao Khe, Quang Ninh

Route: Western Hai Duong City Bus Station – Nguyen Luong Bang Street – May Su Crossroads – Dien Bien Phu Street – Nam Quoc Gom Street Highway 5 – Thanh Nien Road junction – National Highway 5 – Tien Trung junction – Phu Thai town – 388 street – Kinh Mon town – Minh Tan town – Hoang Thach Factory – Mao Khe junction – National Highway 18 – Km 64+900 (National Highway 18)

4. Route 08 West Bus Station – Tam Ky, Kim Thanh

Bus route: Turn: The planned location of the western bus station of Hai Duong City – Nguyen Luong Bang Street – May Su intersection – Dien Bien Phu Street – Gom Street south of National Highway 5 – Thanh Nien Road junction – National Highway 5 – TIEN TRUNG – Pham Xa – Phu Thai Town – Road 388 – Do Giai crossroads – Dong Gia commune – Tam Ky commune (end point). Return: In the opposite direction to the Ben Han intersection, follow the roads: Dien Bien Phu – May Su crossroads – Nguyen Luong Bang- The planned location of the bus station in the west of Hai Duong city.

5. Route 02 Hai Tan Bus Station – Thanh Ha District

Bus route: Hai Tan Bus Station – Road 38B – Phu Tao Bridge – Ngo Quyen Street – Crossroads (New DONRE Headquarters) – Road 52m – Thanh Binh Road (Tuberculosis & Lung Hospital) – Nguyen Luong Bang Street – Ngo Quyen Crossroad – Ngo Quyen Street – Gom Street south of National Highway 5 – Marko Supermarket – National Highway 5 – Ba Hang Intersection – < span style=”color: #3366ff;”>TIEN TRUNG – Road 390B – Hong Lac Commune Center – Huong Bridge – Thanh Ha Town – Thanh Ha Bus Station – Hop Thanh Bridge – Hop Duc Commune – Vinh Commune Make (end point).

6. Many other bus routes to school through the transfer point at Hai Tan bus station, Hai Duong city

According to current regulations, during the college period at Hai Duong Vocational College, you will be temporarily suspended from enlistment.

At point g, Clause 1, Article 5 of Circular 148/2018/TT-BQP dated October 4, 2018 of the Ministry of National Defense regulating the selection and calling of public servants. Citizens enlisting: “1. Postponing military enlistment for the following citizens: g) Studying at a general education institution; receiving full-time university-level training at a higher education institution. , regular college degree of a vocational education institution during a training course of a training qualification.”

When participating in school, they will participate in many activities organized by the School and the Youth Union. Every year, there are exciting activities such as Student’s Day, resources, charity, Voluntary blood donation, Youth volunteering in highland or disadvantaged localities, participating in seminars to In addition, they can participate in cultural, artistic and sports activities organized by the General Department of Vocational Education and Training, the Department of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs of Hai Phong. Duong or the City Labor Federation, or the Emulation Division of Universities and Colleges in the province to organize

Parents and students with other questions, please contact:

Hotline: 0877 44 22 99 or 0220 3753 402 for advice and support

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