Industry overview

  • The profession of Mechatronics Hai Duong Vocational College is an international key industry, training high-quality human resources for society. In the era of industrial revolution 4.0, Mechatronics is an important and indispensable profession in the development of modern science and technology. Therefore, Mechatronics has become a “hot” profession and attracts a lot of young people, especially those who love engineering and are passionate about technology.
  • The profession of Mechatronics is a combination of mechanical engineering, electronic engineering and computer engineering. The purpose of the profession is to maximize the development of systems thinking in product design and development to create new products with outstanding features. Industrial robots and flexible production lines are typical products of the Mechatronics profession…

Training goal

  • Organize and manage a working group effectively; well observe industrial manners and labor discipline;
  • Leader of mechatronics maintenance, installation and operation team at enterprises.
  • Organize and manage a working group effectively; well comply with industrial manners and labor discipline.
  • Aware of the importance of lifelong learning; willing to continue learning programs to improve professional qualifications.
  • Can use some professional and communicative English terms;
  • Application of information technology in office work to professional activities;
  • Reading technical drawings of the profession (detail drawings, assembly diagram drawings, schematic drawings); use a computer to create a schematic diagram of a mechatronic system;
  • Plan, organize and carry out the installation, maintenance and connection of the system complex;
  • Operating equipment in automatic production lines;
  • Detect and correct common and relatively complex errors of mechatronic systems;
  • Monitor the operation status of the mechatronic system;
  • Can use application software for specialized and production management and organization;
  • Ability to organize teamwork, be creative, apply science and technology, and solve complex situations in actual production and business; have industrial style, strictly follow the process, regulations and labor discipline

Training content

  • A flexible production system (MPS & FMS);
  • Pneumatic – hydraulic system;
  • Embedded control system;
  • Intelligent measurement and control system;
  • Sensor;
  • Programmable control of industrial and civil robots;
  • PLC programming;
  • Automation Industry 4.0;
  • Programming and operating CNC metalworking machines;
  • Industrial communication network
  • Use application software for specialized and production management and organization.


  • Military Training
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Output standard

  • Flexible use of measuring devices and electrical, electronic and mechanical tools.
  • Read and understand drawings and catalogs specialized in mechatronics.
  • Apply knowledge to electrical and electronic engineering activities within the scope of application in accordance with job requirements.
  • install and operate electromechanical devices well.
  • Mechanical assembly in mechatronic systems
  • Assembling electrical and electronic in mechatronic systems
  • Pneumatic, hydraulic assembly in mechatronic systems
  • Operating and monitoring mechatronic systems
  • Programming the control of mechatronic systems
  • Programming and operating industrial robots
  • Mechatronics maintenance and upgrades
  • Salesman in the field of mechatronics
  • Diagnosis, repair, and maintenance of mechatronic systems.
  • Exploit the application using: 8-bit microcontroller, PLC (S7-200, S7-300).
  • Effective use of office computer software, specialized software for mechatronics industry.
  • Plan, organize, execute work.
  • Apply the right safety measures while working.
  • Effectively apply soft skills (teamwork, communication, presentation of technical problems, reports), know how to organize the workplace, know positioning themselves to express their role, and integrate into the multinational environment.
  • Technical consultant, technology transfer, technical training for businesses using mechatronic equipment.
  • Supervising and checking the production process by a dedicated team.
  • Check the quality of mechatronics products and suggest solutions.
  • Knowledge and commitment to demonstrate the right civic responsibility, attitude and professional ethics.
  • Participate in regular science and technology seminars
  • Machining mechanical details
  • The field of state agencies: Practical engineers, technicians at departments of science and technology, departments of industry and trade, centers for standards and quality measurement, technology application and technical center, industrial promotion center & industrial development consulting.
  • Fields of businesses: Practical engineers, technical staff of consulting – design companies, construction and installation companies, consulting – supervision companies works related to mechatronic systems, automatic mechanics, automation technology, robot technology.
  • The field of production factories: Industrial enterprises, factories with automatic production lines, semiconductor chip design companies,… as a direct performer or manager or executive.
  • Education – scientific research: Teachers of intermediate schools, institutions, vocational education centers, researchers of institutes/research centers Research and technology transfer in the field of mechatronics, mechanics, automation.
  • Factories and enterprises that need to install and maintain industrial electrical cabinets for small and medium-sized automation production lines;
  • Factors, manufacturing, manufacturing, assembling machines and technological equipment for mechatronics, automation;
  • Manufacturing plants (beer, beverage, bottling, …) that use automatic production line systems, mechatronics;</li >
  • Customer care department of enterprises providing mechatronic equipment such as mechanical, pneumatic, hydraulic, sensor, PLC, motor, inverter ;
  • Business repair and maintenance services that use electrical and automation equipment;
  • Product quality control department of factories and factories in the field of mechanics and automation;
  • Maintenance parts for mechatronic systems in factories, factories producing mechanical products, molds, CNC.

Mechatronics student

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