Operation and repair of refrigeration equipment

Job overview

  • Our country’s industrialization and modernization is being promoted, people’s living standards are significantly improved, so Air conditioning and air conditioning engineering is an indispensable profession. in all areas of life, economy and society.
  • The profession of Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineering is a profession that specializes in the installation, operation, maintenance, maintenance and repair of air conditioning and air conditioning systems such as: Refrigeration systems in cold storages, commercial air conditioning systems, ice cream machines, ice machines, refrigerators; central air conditioning system, civil air conditioner…

Training target

  • Identified the causes of failure; established repair procedures; repair common failures of refrigeration equipment;
  • Properly operating, maintaining and repairing refrigeration equipment in industrial, commercial and civil;
  • Device selectability;
  • Organize and manage the activities of the operation and repair team;
  • Instructing subordinates and assistants in jobs;
  • Ability to work creatively and solve real-life situations;
  • Communicating with customers within the professional scope, knowledgeable about the refrigeration equipment market;
  • Use refrigerating equipment, tools and repair equipment safely and properly;
  • Acquired some basic skills in Cooling and installing simple electrical circuits;
  • First aid to victims when there is an electrical or cold safety failure;

Training content

  • Installation of industrial air conditioning systems;
  • Installing commercial air conditioning systems;
  • Install a central air conditioning system;
  • Installing a local air conditioning system;
  • Maintenance and maintenance of refrigeration systems; repair refrigeration system;
  • Repair electrical and refrigeration damage in refrigeration systems;
  • Repair common problems with electronic controls in refrigeration systems;
  • Maintenance and maintenance of refrigeration systems safely and according to technical requirements;
  • Operating the air conditioning system;
  • Operating the central air conditioning system;


  • Military Training

Output standard

  • Understanding and checking the quality of equipment, equipment, specialized input materials for installation and repair of air conditioners and air conditioners gas.
  • Operation, maintenance, maintenance, installation of residential and commercial air conditioning systems, industrial air conditioners; types of local air conditioners and central air conditioning systems, in accordance with the process, meeting the technical, technological and safety requirements for people and equipment.
  • Identify the causes of damage, build a repair process; Good repair of common damage both electrical and refrigeration parts. Damaged parts and assemblies can be replaced.
  • Making and dissecting system installation drawings; preliminary calculation, selection of machines and equipment in small capacity air conditioners and small air conditioners.
  • Restore the standard working state of the air conditioning system and air conditioner.
  • Organize and manage the activities of the team, the group operates, repairs and guides, and is accompanied by lower-level workers.
  • Skillfully use equipment to ensure safety, prevent fire and explosion, and provide first aid to victims when incidents occur.
  • Operation and maintenance of refrigeration systems in seafood and food processing plants; supermarket; restaurant Hotel; the company uses large refrigeration systems.
  • You can create your own business and find your own business opportunities.
  • Factors manufacturing and assembling refrigeration system products;
  • Facilities, specialized service companies, supermarkets; breweries, milk processing, seafood preservation; factories – manufacturing air conditioning equipment;
  • Companies and corporations install, maintain, maintain and repair air conditioners and air conditioners; In addition to working independently, he also has the ability to lead a team;