Common myths of students when choosing a career

Choosing a career is the most important thing for high school students to do. Your choice is a big turning point that changes your future. So, if you don’t want to have unnecessary regrets, think carefully and make the most intelligent choice.

There are many questions from students such as: “Which industry is HOT right now”, “Which industry will have a job when I graduate from school”, there is even a question about “Which industry is a light job but has a high salary?” high”,… . Realizing this is a necessary need of students who are in the decisive moment of their life. The following are the mistakes of students when choosing a career to guide them about their career.

1. Choose a career according to the trend, HOT industry

In recent times, there have been many articles or books about forecasting HOT industries in the future. There is no harm in referring to these books and it is normal for students to be attracted to one of the professions covered by the articles or books. But do not close your eyes and move your feet and choose those professions with the hope of a good future drawn by books. Because these books are only obtained by certain documents or the hunch of some experts.

There are also some industries that are still HOT right now, but in the next few years does not mean that the industry is still HOT as it is now. For example, the teaching industry was very popular 5 years ago, but at the present time, the teaching industry is no longer popular because the reality shows that the pedagogical industry after graduating from school has widespread unemployment.

2. Do not research the industry well

When choosing a career, we do not learn about the difficulties and advantages of the profession. For example, there are many of you who want to be a doctor but don’t know what skills the medical profession requires, whether you are healthy enough, what kind of patients you come into contact with. Okay. Then how would you feel when encountering such cases. You should remember that with the profession, you must have a passion for the profession to overcome temporary difficulties.

3. Fascinated by the glamor of the profession

In everyday life, there are many people who are successful with their profession and earn a lot of money, such as singers, actors, doctors, … . From there, I hope that I will follow those professions to get famous, earn a lot of money and be known by many people. However, the students do not know that in order to become a famous singer and actor, those people have to practice a lot, very hard, and they must have a talent, not a desire to follow. .

The profession of doctors is the same, they have to go through a long process in university as well as spend a lot of time studying seriously to have knowledge to treat patients. During the day, he studied at school, in the evening he was on duty at the hospital, and on Saturday and Sunday he was on duty all day. All their success is also the result of an arduous training process, not as simple as you are dreaming, so think carefully before choosing.

4. Choose a career according to the arrangement – inviting

Each person has a unique ability, a hobby, and a unique talent. The fact that parents or teachers want and ask you to follow that profession, but it is not necessarily suitable for that industry. If you do not analyze carefully, do not learn your skills and interests, but follow the imposition, it will lead to unfortunate mistakes later.

There are many cases when having feelings since high school should decide to choose a career with you because of the desire to keep that affection, to be close to each other during university. But by the time I realized that I was not suitable for that industry as well as the environment, it was too late to want to correct the mistake. Therefore, do not let others decide your abilities, interests and passions, but make decisions for your own future.

5. Failure to properly assess abilities and personality

If you evaluate your ability too low, then you will lose the opportunity to get into good schools and good majors. And when you overestimate your own ability, the consequences will be to face failed exam results or you won’t be able to follow when you enter.

Many of you think that if you have the ability to enter any university, you will also be successful with the major you have chosen. This is an incorrect view. For example, you do well in chemistry and then take the pedagogical exam and pass the exam. But you do not have the ability to express well, hesitate to stand in front of many people, then you will not develop well in the profession.

6. Matching interests and abilities

This is not entirely true. For example, you like football very much, you want to become a professional player. Or you want to be a singer but your voice is not good, your performance is not good or you can’t control the stage. Football and singers clearly represent interests and abilities, so are other professions, you have to consider whether you are capable of that profession or not. However, if you are very interested, passionate, have perseverance and ensure that you will not be discouraged with the profession, you can still achieve the desired results with your best efforts.

7. Choose a profession according to relatives

We often have the concept of choosing a profession according to the family tradition. For example, if your father or mother or brother is a good doctor, it does not mean that you can also become a good doctor. Or if your relatives are in the accounting profession, it is not certain that you will become a good accountant. You must determine that your interests, abilities, and competencies in any profession are suitable and then make a decision.

An undeniable fact is why when entering university, there are new cases of 1 month, 2 months or 1 year, 2 years, but even in the 3rd and 4th year, they still drop out of school because of boredom. . The reason lies in the fact that they spend too little time learning about themselves, looking back at themselves to see what their abilities are, what their talents are and how their interests are. Therefore, a sincere advice for students is to take a certain amount of time to find out what you most want and do it.

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