Developing the media space for vocational education to meet the requirements of vocational education development

On June 18, 2021, the General Department of Vocational Education issued a Decision on building and developing a media space for vocational education, forming a student system. state of vocational education communication in the period of 2021-2025 with the goal of Developing a TVET system in the direction of open, flexible, modern, interconnected, adaptive, efficient and equitable with the goal associated with decent work and inclusive development with many training models, methods and levels to meet the learning needs and improve lifelong career skills of learners and employees; promote vocational training at enterprises and workplaces;

Diversify media forms, combine forms of supporting communication and improve communication efficiency, ensuring communication is carried out show anytime, anywhere; Fully and timely transmit VET activities, information and images to the whole society, promote change of society’s perception of TVET, thereby mobilizing all resources of society to participate in VET activities. TVET; Attracting and mobilizing individuals, organizations and businesses to participate in TVET activities in general and propaganda on TVET in particular; Raise the awareness and responsibility of cadres, civil servants, public employees and employees in the VET system to participate in the work of information and propaganda on TVET; Strengthening links towards a unified block among TVET institutions, governing bodies and state management agencies in the implementation of TVET communication; Forming effective communication tools on TVET.

Promoting communication on news agencies and newspapers – Illustration

To realize the goals, the General Department of Vocational Education has issued the contents Building and developing the VET media space (i) Building and developing infrastructure and places for communication: On websites, electronic portals of agencies, units, and TVET institutions; On the mass media, press agencies…; In urban areas, densely populated areas, parks, tourist areas, roads, on public transport…; On the social network. (ii) Building and developing a team of media collaborators: Building and developing a team of communication collaborators from TVET institutions, to local and central management levels, businesses and Expanding to subjects outside the VET system such as journalists, reporters, students, parents… (iii) Building and developing TVET communication content: Regarding guidelines, guidelines, policies and laws laws of the Party and State; Regarding the contents and professional activities of TVET; Models of TVET; Outstanding individuals and collectives; Identifiers, logos, slogans, billboards… about TVET. (iv) Building and developing communication activities and events: Organizing activities, events, conferences, seminars, contests, advocacy, composing, writing news, photo articles, reportage, film… about TVET. Focusing on specialized events and activities of TVET such as: vocational skills contest, teacher lecture conference, TVET equipment contest, student commendation, student start-up contest, Great music music festivals for schools, career fairs, etc. (v) Building and developing media products: Diversifying and innovating ways of expressing the form and content of media products, which focuses on promoting the development of digital products by genres such as gameshows, movies, stories, videos, poems, music, plays…

Media booths of vocational education institutions on the day of the Admissions Fair

The General Department of Vocational Education also emphasizes the forms of building and developing the TVET communication space (i) On the mass media, press agencies and information pages/web portals: means media products, works of journalistic genres reflecting the contents and activities of TVET that are popularized, published, and reported on news agencies and radio stations. (ii) On the internet and social networking sites such as Gapo, Zalo, Facebook, YouTube…: are products and images about TVET that are livestreamed, digitized and posted and reported on applications. (iii) Vocational education and training booths, shops, shops at public entertainment places, parks, walking streets, in enrollment counseling programs, career guidance…: are booths, shops shops, galleries, and organizing TVET activities at locations, where activities and events take place. Activities in stores and booths include: Broadcasting: articles, songs… about TVET; Presenting on led screens, television screens, projection screens… by electronic devices articles, video clips, etc. about vocational education; Performing and performing professions under VET: cooking, food processing, painting, performing arts…; Displaying, introducing, selling, giving away, etc. products of TVET; Activities of demonstrations, presentations and direct introduction of TVET; Other activities belong to TVET. (iv) Led screens, billboards advertising images, slogans in public places, crowded places, on traffic routes… Promote the images of TVET; Posting slogans and slogans about TVET: “Enhancing Vietnamese labor skills – Skilling up Vietnam”; “Vocational skills for a bright future”; “Vocational education: Real learning – Practicing – Firmly starting a business, Bright future”; “Bright future with vocational education”, Welcome/Respond to Vietnam Labor Skills Day 4/10; Vietnamese Teachers’ Day November 20… Video clips about vocational education are shown. (v) Programs and events are organized according to each level and scale. Programs and events such as: Forums, conferences, seminars; Vocational skills exams; meeting of teachers of vocational education at all levels; DIY vocational training equipment contest; sports fairs, student performances; ceremony to honor outstanding students and students; enrollment counseling programs and days, career guidance; programs of charity, volunteering, gratitude to teachers… Level, scale: Central/National; ministerial and branch level; province/city directly under the Central Government; Department level of the province or city; city, town, district, province/city level; commune, ward and township levels; Programs, events, seminars and conferences implemented by TVET institutes. (vi) Organizing contests, campaigning for writing, composing, producing products and programs on TVET. Writing contests, journalism contests, contests for creating video clips on TVET, job descriptions, and career guidance. (vii) On public transport, buses, taxis, means of transport, ships, boats, airplanes, etc. There are images and slogans on TVET mounted on the side of vehicles and means of transport; For vehicles with speakers, combined screens bring media products with other suitable content and forms. (viii) Other activities and events with VET content: Products such as notebooks, books, office equipment, kitchen appliances, balloons, clothes, etc. have pictures and words about VET. .

Some activities to build and develop the TVET communication space: (i) At the General Department of Vocational Education and Training: Developing a vocational education identity set in general and for TVET events in particular; Develop and unify slogans and slogans for general propaganda and publicity for the TVET system; Application of information technology for communication work in combination with professional activities such as enrollment, training, evaluation of results… Building and digitizing propaganda content: Building, editing, developing publish and digitize contents and publications in service of propaganda; Coordinating with press agencies and socio-professional organizations to propagate TVET; Communication through telecommunications networks and the internet: strengthen updating and disseminating information on social networks, online TV channels…; Organizing TVET events in public places, places of entertainment, entertainment, tourism, etc. of communication nature, with specific messages, to orientate the stream of students after middle and high schools. high school students register to participate in vocational education; Building billboards, screens, decals, stickers, badges, symbols… to promote images and messages about TVET in public areas, parks, crowded places, intersections traffic, highways, means of transport…; Communicating through the activities and events of the VET sector, the General Department of Vocational Education and Training, the Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs sector and related sectors and fields; Promote the organization of exchange activities between TVET institutes and middle and high schools to introduce and promote VET to help students have the right awareness and register to participate in VET; Increase the participation of TVET institutions in participating in the development of vocational education programs and documents and appointing VET teachers to teach vocational education in junior high schools and high schools; Organizing the building, training and development of a team of media collaborators; Have a plan to build a team of professional media workers. It is possible to establish a Communication Center on TVET under the General Department; Coordinating with governing bodies of TVET institutes in implementing communication activities and contents according to each activity and professional field of the governing agency or unit. (ii) At the Departments of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs (LOL-Invalids and Social Affairs): Organize and implement appropriate activities according to the contents and activities; focus on implementing a number of contents: Building and developing locations for implementing VET activities in public amusement parks, parks, pedestrian streets, and crowded places. Maintain regularly, weekly and monthly the locations, booths introducing TVET, vocational, vocational experiences… at public amusement parks, parks or on walking streets…; Building and forming a system of billboards advertising images and slogans on TVET in public areas, roads and streets; Cooperate with local newspapers and radio stations to open specialized pages and columns on TVET on newspapers and radio; Coordinating with the Department of Education and Training in implementing career counseling activities at junior high schools and high schools; organize festivals, career counseling sessions in the area; Coordinate with agencies, organizations and political organizations in implementing propaganda, consulting and career guidance activities on TVET. At TVET institutes and establishments with vocational education activities; Building and developing communication space in the campus of the school, of the vocational education institution; Implement activities and participate in the construction of TVET communication venues and spaces with the Department of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs and other TVET institutions in the area; In 2021, each TVET institution must have at least one signboard promoting the image and slogan of TVET in public places, amusement parks, entertainment areas or in densely populated places and crowded traffic routes. Every year, based on actual facts and fieldwork in the area, continue to build and add more billboards and led screens in appropriate areas and locations; Encourage TVET institutions to cooperate and join hands in the development of activities and events to develop the TVET communication space;

Building and developing the TVET communication space should be combined with the building of a TVET communication ecosystem, in which focus and attention are paid to the participants of VET activities. Strengthen and promote relationships that attract many participants and maintain stability, regularity and long-term. (i) Attract more participants: Promote communication on TVET, in order to attract consensus and create full understanding for organizations, individuals and the whole society to participate in the activities. TVET activities in general and TVET communication in particular; Develop the TVET communication space, strengthen TVET-related activities such as organizing conferences, seminars, exams, and exhibitions, etc., thereby inviting organizations and individuals to participate, attracting the attention of the society. association to the activities of TVET. Thereby creating a space for TVET communication and attracting and creating subjects for the VET communication system. (ii) Organizing and implementing synchronously in the VET system: For each level of VET management, it is a head. directing the implementation of the construction of a traditional ecosystem of TVET; Combine smoothly and uniformly from the central government to TVET institutions (the General Department of Vocational Education and Training to the Departments of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, to TVET institutes and institutions that organize TVET activities); Strengthen the coordination between the General Department and the Departments of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, between the Departments of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, the Departments of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs, TVET institutes, among TVET institutions, etc. to organize activities and events. and carry out communication work on TVET; TVET institutes build their own communication organization system, create their own image, combine and blend into the TVET communication space to form essential cores for TVET institutions. TVET communication ecosystem; Building and strengthening the contingent of TVET communication collaborators at all levels. Strive for each VET administrator, teacher, employee, student, and student to be a collaborator, a grassroots nucleus that performs communication work and constitutes the TVET communication ecosystem.

Vocational education promotion form

In the period of 2021-2022: Focus on building and developing the TVET communication space; in which, focus on spaces and products. Specifically:   Building digital infrastructure and developing digital products; Deploy the construction of TVET communication space in public places, high-traffic places with TVET booths, billboards promoting TVET… in localities; Continue to maintain and strengthen relationships with mass media agencies and press; TVET institutes build TVET communication space at TVET institutions. Period 2023-2025: Continue to develop the TVET communication space in combination with the formation of the TVET communication ecosystem. Specifically: To basically complete the TVET communication space; Identify and form a TVET communication ecosystem with diverse stakeholders, from management agencies, to political and social organizations, businesses and people.






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