Fashion – The profession has never been “hot” for design enthusiasts

Fashion – The profession has never been “hot” for design enthusiasts and can bring a “huge” income that many people admire. However, can everyone pursue the fashion industry? If you do not have a design talent but still want to enter this industry, what should you do?

In modern society, when the quality of life is increasingly improved, the fashion industry has more and more opportunities to develop, not only in quantity but also quality. The development of science and technology has impacted every aspect of life and fashion is no exception. People’s shopping habits have almost completely changed in the digital era. It requires people working in the fashion industry not only creativity but also business qualities necessary to be able to get rich with their own works.

Fashion design is a job many young people are interested in

1. Current fashion industry development trend

When it comes to the development of the fashion industry, it is impossible to ignore “green” or sustainable fashion. Recent studies have shown that fashion, especially fast fashion, has contributed a lot to environmental pollution, causing the greenhouse effect and many other negative effects.

The fact that cheap but equally fashionable fashion products are produced more and more has completely changed the habits of a part of consumers. In 2014, the number of clothes that a person owns more than in 2000 was 60%, while the time used has decreased by only half.

This shopping habit can be considered indiscriminate, leading to waste and environmental pollution. The clothing manufacturing process consumes a lot of water, uses a lot of coal, and emits CO2. Along with that, the microplastics in clothing, when released into the environment, will follow the water into the human food chain and create terrible destruction for the living environment.

This has set people a requirement to “green” the supply chain for the fashion industry, using environmentally friendly materials such as organic cotton, bamboo fiber, light chemically treated silk, Recycled leather wool, coffee grounds, lotus fabric, etc. The “green” fashion trend is also a way to show special concern for the ecosystem, living environment and especially the health of people. People.

2. Prospects for the development of the fashion industry

The fashion industry recruitment demand is forecasted to continue to increase in the near future, although the increase rate is not much (only about 3%, lower than the average). other professions). If in the field of fashion production, the demand for recruitment continues to decrease, in the retail industry, the rate of job vacancies that need to be recruited  increases significantly.

Although facing many barriers and challenges from major fashion brands in the world (H&M, Zara, Mango, Forever21,…) and the competition of low-priced Chinese fashion, the export The presence of talented designers as well as the recent explosion of fashion weeks in Vietnam have shown a new potential for development and created more motivation for young people with a passion for design.

Along with that, the trend of developing environmentally friendly “green” fashion is also an opportunity for design enthusiasts to make a difference and attract customers. If price is the biggest concern of students, people who go to work, business people often appreciate product materials. The skillful selection of materials will help fashion industry people conquer even the most demanding customers, and they are the potential customers themselves.

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How will fashion develop in the future?

3. Jobs in the fashion industry

Many people think that learning fashion means becoming a designer. Of course, this is the dream of many people when pursuing this industry; But that’s not all. The fashion industry has many job positions such as:

  • Fashion designer (or fashion product developer):

Being a creator, designing a fashion product (clothes, hats, shoes, bags, accessories,…). Not only do they have design knowledge, but they also have to understand the market needs to combine creativity and usability well. Fashion designers are also an important link in the selection of product materials.

  • Fashion Production Manager:

The person who optimizes the fashion product manufacturing process, prepares materials and machines so that the tailor can create a perfect product from the design available. Not only taking on the role of directing, the fashion production manager must also be knowledgeable in textile techniques, raw material selection techniques and efficient machinery operation to be able to cut unnecessary costs in the production process. production process.

  • Buying Expert:

The one looking for the best materials for the stylist’s designs. Most of them are good observers, sensitive to the market and can even predict the trend of using materials of the year to plan their purchases accordingly.

  • merchandising specialist:

The person who decides which products will be on the shelves at the store to introduce to customers. A good merchandising specialist is someone who skillfully grasps the tastes of customers as well as has an aesthetic eye to arrange the products in the store in the most eye-catching way.

  • PR Specialist & fashion marketing:

Today, under the influence of technology, online shopping is happening more and more. If in the past it was enough to have a booth beautiful enough to attract visitors, now every business in the fashion industry needs to create a beautiful image to attract fashionistas on various platforms. online.

Just like a merchandising specialist, a marketer  is someone who has a clear understanding of the tastes and psychology of customers and must know how to put their name on the market.

  • Fashion blogger:

If you love both fashion and writing, you can combine the two to create an income for yourself. Nowadays, fashion blogs have become mainstream and can attract millions of readers in just a few months. In addition, if you have a talent for photography and know how to express your opinion on fashion, your blog will be even more successful.

In addition, fashion industry students after graduation can work for famous fashion brands, exclusive stylists in fashion companies, brand managers at design companies, assistants Designer, fashion market research officer, fashion coordinator for programs, events or open your own fashion business brand.

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Popular fashion job positions

4. Fashion industry salary

In Vietnam, the average salary of a fashion industry employee upon graduation is about  4 million VND/month. For those with experience, the salary can be doubled, tripled, in the range of  7 – 12 million VND/month. Those who are really good and make a difference, the salary will be up to  25 million VND/month. And if you build your own name and brand, then the salary will not stop there.

If in Vietnam, fashion is an industry with an average salary, in the world, fashion design staff is one of the 5 jobs with surprisingly high salaries, along with investigative reporters, school principals. elementary school, medical assistant, and astronomer. According to, the salary of a fashion designer is about  69,000 USD/year  (about 1.5 billion VND).

5. Probation period

The probationary period for positions in the fashion industry, especially fashion designers, is  2 – 3 months. Most are 3-month probationary period with full salary but no performance bonus. There are also companies that only require a 2-month probationary period (80-85% of salary) and will sign an official labor contract right after this time. This completely depends on the negotiation and negotiation between the enterprise and the employee.

6. Challenges when pursuing the fashion industry

People working in the fashion industry, like many other professions, need to ensure that they have special qualities and skills. Not everyone can be a designer or a fashion business manager.

To pursue the fashion industry, you must have a vision and be able to turn those visionary ideas into actual products. In addition, not all fashion designers want or have the qualifications to become an entrepreneur. Only a few people are able to make a business based on their own creativity. However, this is not the biggest challenge that fashion industry workers face. In modern society, they also face challenges such as:

  • Difficulty in choosing target customers, deciding who the product is designed for, designed for:

Whether it’s children, women or men, every person working in the fashion industry still needs to define his or her target audience. From there, they can find their strengths and promote it, instead of over-diversifying products that lead to disorientation.

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Opportunities and challenges when pursuing the fashion industry

  • Missing innovation:

Why should customers use this product and not the other? What products make the difference? Not only attracting new customers, fashion designers must also consider maintaining relationships with loyal customers; must always innovate the design so they don’t get bored every time they come back.

  • Lack of business acumen:

Fashion schools often do not teach business-related knowledge. Therefore, not all designers know how to predict new fashion trends, PR products to consumers,…

  • Lack of trust in manufacturers:

Finding a reputable manufacturer, ensuring product quality, on-time delivery and especially at an affordable price is not easy in the industry fashion.

  • Price competition:

The current fashion industry is a race of fast fashion manufacturers in terms of design, color, quality and especially price. Every fashion business needs to have enough intelligence and sanity to read the minds of competitors: what products they may be launching, what is the price on a similar product ,…



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