Letter from the new Minister of Education and Training to teachers

“Education industry, our profession as a teacher is a glorious profession so the task is even more important. big, the responsibility is heavier, the higher the requirements, the greater the glory”.

On April 8, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nguyen Kim Son was honored to be entrusted by the Party, National Assembly and Government to assume the position of Minister of Education and Training. On this occasion, the head of the education sector sent a letter to teachers, civil servants and employees in the education industry.

VTC News re-uploaded the content of the letter

Dear teachers, teachers, civil servants, workers in the education industry

On April 8, 2021, I was honored to be entrusted by the Party, National Assembly and the Government to assume the position of Minister of Education and Training. This is a great honor for me. This task is very heavy, a lot of pressure, difficult challenges. My first thoughts and concerns after receiving the job are thoughts about our profession and the career of our teachers.

Education, our profession as a teacher is a glorious profession. The bigger the task, the heavier the responsibility, the higher the requirements, the greater the glory. We are living and working, dedicating ourselves at a time when the country and people are giving their desire to break through, to bring the country’s fortunes to a new position of development, civilization and prosperity. Part of that great task rests with our education sector. To fulfill this mission, there is no other way, we need to continue to persevere and actively promote the cause of innovation.

Our task is very heavy, but we have a lot of advantages, advantages are fundamental, the whole industry has done a lot of great things over the years. The reform line led by the Party and the direction was very clear, the problem was how to do it. We will work together, gather wisdom, and synergize to make education better and better, innovate in line with reality, come from reality, base on practice, solve problems. Math from practice so that the quality of education today is better than yesterday, tomorrow is better than today in a strategic direction.

More than anyone, we want the position of our teachers to be strengthened, to keep the dignity of the profession. This needs many sides and many things, but first and foremost, it is up to us teachers. Only by our efforts, by example, by our intellect and our love for the profession, our love for knowledge and by reason, by our self-respect and self-respect, can we gradually make our teaching profession more respectable. seriously.

We need to strengthen the belief of the society, but to do that, we must first be confident in ourselves, believe in our abilities and abilities, believe in the quality of teachers, in teacher ethics. that we have and are building. There are still many thoughts and worries, disadvantages and even injustice. At such times, look at your dear students, therein lies the highest right and greatest compensation. It is the source of inspiration and endless creative energy of our teachers. Both at the principle and practical level, life is always fair, if the quality of education is gradually improved, learners feel happy, fully informed to society, effectively manage and with a spirit of dedication. .. the society’s trust in our industry and profession will surely increase accordingly. When every lecture and book that we prepare is geared towards students, and every innovation we make is for the sake of what parents expect and serve the development of the country, there is no reason. Why can’t we regain our rightful place in society.

I have unwavering faith in the teaching staff. I believe industries and social forces will respect and accompany, which has always been the case. Our Party has clearly seen the importance, the Government is very determined, the Prime Minister is very drastic, other ministries and branches all understand and share, so we are sure to do great things.

Personally, as a teacher and manager, I will do my best for the industry and develop it. We hope that all teachers, workers, managers in the industry and outside the industry join hands and support.

Let’s join hands now, from now on. Planting people for a hundred years, we nurture the sweet fruits of the future, but today, both we and the society have to see the green trees and leaves.

I wish the teachers, teachers, civil servants, employees in the education industry health, happiness, love for their profession, love life and be loved more and more by life.

(Source: Letter from the new Minister of Education and Training to teachers (vtc.vn))

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