Avoid wasting time and money in college, candidates should understand the subject thoroughly

Many students still wonder about their future direction even after they have entered university. It’s really unfortunate and can waste both time and money for you and your family.

That is shared by Mr. Henry Mack – senior leader, manager of Career, Technology and Education Department – Chancellor at the Florida Department of Education, USA within the framework of the program. An exchange seminar with Vietnamese parents on career orientation for their children early on, April 3, 2021 (US time) organized by Ivy Global School online.

Mr. Henry Mack – senior leader , manager of the Careers, Technical and Education Department – Florida Department of Education

Parents need to experience the profession before counseling their children

Mr. Henry shared: In the US, we highly appreciate the importance of the Career and Technical Education (CTE) program – a program that teaches specific career skills to students in different regions of the world. lower secondary, upper secondary and post-secondary educational institutions.

Statistics show that students who learn CTE early have a higher rate of choosing a good job. Besides, this is also an opportunity for them to understand their passions, future career interests, have critical thinking and desire to contribute to society.

In order for their children to conquer their passion for hobbies, Mr. Henry emphasized that parents should try to experience professional career-oriented programs or do internships at companies and organizations in a short time to learn. experience. This starts as soon as possible.

With the question of how to orient a child’s career while most parents and children can rarely share, Mr. Henry said: “As a father with 2 children in the age group needs orientation. career, I started by observing the interests of my children.

For example, my eldest daughter loves art, so I often encourage her to participate in performances. Meanwhile, the son is extremely hyperactive, loves to explore, so maybe majors such as engineering, computer, and manufacturing are suitable for him. Besides, the practical experience will help them choose the right career.”

It is known that the Florida state government regularly evaluates the quality of CTE education programs in the state based on factors such as: completion rate, number of graduates who find jobs, students have study in accordance with the needs of the labor market, whether the number of programs meets the demand or not…

The online meeting with Mr. Henry Mack has attracted a lot of attention from parents with children aged 12-18 years old. This is the first seminar in a series of Career Oriented Education seminars organized by Ivy Global School Online. The program will bring multi-dimensional perspectives for parents from domestic and foreign speakers, experts in the fields of technology, creativity, business…

Listen to the experts 

Mr. David Armstrong – President of Ivy Global School said: “In the course of more than 33 years of working in the field of higher education, I realize that many students are still wondering about shape the future even when you have entered the university gate.

That’s really unfortunate and can be a waste of time and money for you and your family. Therefore, I want  students in Vietnam  to have access to the concepts of career and career skills as soon as possible.

Especially experiences and practical perspectives from experts in the field. Let the software experts and engineers at Facebook talk to them about the technology industry, let the experienced financial experts tell them about business… I hope the students will be inspired. from these successful people.”

Mr. Henry Mack is the senior leader of the Florida Department of Education, USA (Chancellor, Division of Career and Adult Education). He manages the Careers, Technical and Adult Education Division, which oversees all of the department’s educational programs and economic development initiatives.

Includes career and technical education programs across 48 technical centers, colleges, 28 state community colleges, and K-12 public schools with a total enrollment of more than 1 million students. .

Prior to that, he served as Vice Chancellor for Work Education at Broward College, Visiting Professor at Florida International University and the University of Miami. Because of his great contributions and influence, Mr. Henry was named in the list of 40 influential people under 40 years old of South Florida 2019.

(Source: Gate General Department of Vocational Education Portal To avoid wasting time and money in college, candidates should understand the major (gdnn.gov.vn))


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