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Training Department – Hai Duong Vocational College
Office: 1st floor, Building A – Tien Trung area, Ai Quoc ward, Hai Duong city
Phone: (0220) 3 753 923


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Training Department advises the Principal on training management and development. Organize, conduct and inspect training.

Task :

– Building training development planning, programming, planning and monitoring training activities: formal, informal , the school’s development-oriented communication system.

– Advise the Principal on training innovation. Organize the implementation of the association, support training systems according to the policy of the University.

– Collaborate with faculties, departments and functional units to research innovation, complete goals, content, and training programs , curriculum, knowledge structure and teaching methods. Monitor and propose solutions to necessary conditions for the innovation process, in line with the requirements of training high-quality human resources.

– Coordinate with organizations to evaluate the teaching work of lecturers to ensure the quality of teaching staff. Proposing solutions to the Board of Directors in order to continuously improve teaching and learning management throughout the University.

– Manage and moderate teaching and learning plans for the semester and school year for teachers and students. Cooperate with units to propose solutions for rational and effective use of training equipment.

– Standing Councils: Enrollment, graduation, Scientific Council on training, considering promotion; Follow the Training Regulations.

– Organize the implementation of training regulations and regulations according to current regulations. Coordinate with units to promptly resolve regimes and policies for students.

– Planning and organizing exams, considering entry points, graduation exams, issuing diplomas and certificates, issuing winning notices recruitment, graduation certificates and learning outcomes for students and graduates. Manage the learning results of students and students throughout the University. Managing the preservation of learning results for students.

– Receive and process all kinds of single words, records, official documents,… related to training. Confirm, issue certificates and other documents for students and students under the authority of the department.

– Coordinate with related units, manage students in the learning process.

– Perform the synthesis of training activities; Timely statistics and reports at the request of the University and superiors.

– Organize and coordinate with units, implement contracts to invite visiting teachers and work arising in the training process create.

– Manage and use labor, facilities and equipment assigned by the School.

– Plan and organize enrollment according to regulations.

– Develop and organize the implementation of a professional training plan for teachers. Organize annual seminars and skills competitions for teachers.

– Build training plans, schedules and manage classrooms, manage teachers’ plans.

– Comprehensive management of the college curriculum.

– Manage discipline, teaching and learning habits among teachers and students.

– Controlling the implementation of content, programs, and training curricula issued by the School for faculties and individual teachers.

– Manage books and forms and instruct faculties and teachers to take professional notes of all kinds of books and forms, improve advance the pedagogical work of the faculties, directing the verticals of the faculty pedagogical system in the direction of focusing on one focal point, the Training Department.

– Draft, browse rules, regulations, policies, decisions, announcements, preliminary reports, summaries end of semester, school year, course related to training activities of the University.

  – Coordinate and organize for staff, teachers and students to practice production.

– Organize and perform some other assigned tasks.


Head of Department: Pham Van An

Phone: 0976 815 739

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