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Teacher’s opinion

“Working at the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering since 2002, this place is like a second home. Together with the School, we have trained and provided human resources for home province and neighboring provinces Students-students of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering graduate, work, and hold important positions in factories and enterprises.To meet the needs of society, the school always innovates training programs create and improve the qualifications of lecturers, upgrade equipment for training…”

“As a young lecturer majoring in Automation, I was facilitated by the University to study professionally and practice skills with modern training equipment. . I feel very proud to be working with a united, dedicated and whole-hearted faculty for the cause of vocational education.”

“The quality of training depends on many factors such as lecturers, programs and equipment, in which the teaching staff has a decisive role. Faculty members of the University regularly participate in training classes and refresher courses at home and abroad.In addition to good expertise and solid professional skills, the teaching staff is always enthusiastic and has high responsibility in teaching. I am very proud to be a lecturer of Hai Duong Vocational College…”

“Training program of Fashion Tailor with over 80% practice, continuously updated according to the market. Therefore, students after graduation have quickly and well responded to many job positions at enterprises”.



    Alumni comments

    “In the process of studying at Hai Duong Vocational College, I was enthusiastically imparted by teachers with professional knowledge and skills, practiced on equipment Thanks to the help of my teachers and teachers, I am currently the owner of a business and technology in electronics.

    I feel so lucky to have chosen to study at Hai Duong Vocational College”

    “Enough points to get into University, but I chose to study Fashion Sewing at Hai Duong Vocational College, surprising my family and friends. Everywhere I go, people ask me what university I got into. But the more I study, the more I realize that I made the right decision when choosing a job. Taking care of yourself and your family is better than going to college without getting a job”

    “When choosing a career as a vocational teacher, I was very surprised, the lecturers shared information about the profession along with the learning environment and the curriculum close to reality. After I graduated from college, I had many options: go to university, work in a foreign company, but I chose to open an electronics repair shop.

    I find industrial electronics very interesting.

    <3 So after listening to the advice, I chose Mechanical Engineering. Apprenticeship has the advantage that the School cooperates with Enterprises, so Students have the opportunity to learn practically with very good equipment. I was given away by the company. I studied in Japan, China... So now I can confidently affirm that my decision to choose Hai Duong Vocational College is completely right."

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