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Organization – Administration Department – Hai Duong Vocational College
Office: 1st floor, Building A – Tien Trung area, Ai Quoc ward, Hai Duong city
Phone: (0220) 3 753 697


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Organization – Administration Department helps the Principal to build, consolidate and improve the effectiveness of the management apparatus; planning, arranging, supplementing and fostering the contingent of officials, public employees and teachers. To properly and promptly implement the State’s policies and procedures, internal regulations for officials and employees in the University; do well in administrative, general, reception and external affairs; clerical work, archiving; safety work, labor protection and social insurance of the University.


– Based on the training goals and tasks of the University, research and propose a plan to build and strengthen the entire management system of the University ; including organizational structure, functions, tasks and staffing, development of staff planning of departments, faculties and units under the University.

– Research, master and help the Principal to organize and implement well the Party and State’s cadre guidelines and policies.</p >

– Develop a plan to coordinate and recruit staff in terms of quantity, quality, use staff with professional expertise and service effective for all activities of the School in the direction approved by the Board of Directors.

– Coordinate with departments, faculties and units to build functions and tasks of organizations in the School. Together with relevant units to develop a system of regulations, rules and working rules in the University.

– Coordinate with other units to plan training and fostering qualified and qualified staff according to functional standards State officials, meeting the needs of improving the quality of work and the development of the University.

– Organize and implement recruitment processes for public employees, prepare documents for signing labor contracts of all kinds and submit them to the Principal for approval.

– Manage records, officials and employees throughout the School. Mastering the political history, ethical qualities, and professional capacity of each person to advise the University’s leaders in personnel work.

– Presiding over making dossiers for consideration of commendation and discipline of officials and employees together with relevant units, and submit to the Rector for decision determined.

– Organize, manage and implement labor, salary, and policy regimes for government officials School management and officers, teachers, employees of the School.

– Drafting and managing documents on Organization and Personnel issued by the Principal, guiding and inspecting work units Organization of staff.

– Combines units for internal political protection in the School. Cooperate with the Inspectorate of cadres and civil servants to study and propose ways to deal with complaints. Receive requests of individuals and groups inside and outside the school, arrange time for individuals and groups to meet with the School Leaders.

– Mastering the policy regime and salary, allowances, promotion, civil servant promotion, social insurance, safety check current regulations and policies of the State towards cadres and civil servants in the University to manage and guide the implementation.

– Receive, classify, enter the archive of official documents, letters, documents, … from places sent; submit to the Principal and transfer to functional units for settlement and handling.

– Check and classify official documents, documents, reports, letters of units and individuals in the School before submitting to the School Leaders signed or approved. The Department is responsible for the legal nature of documents and regulations on administrative procedures throughout the University.

– Manage and use seals in accordance with the law, pre-printed papers with titles, organize the storage of documents documents, issue letters of introduction for officials and employees of the University on business trips, certify outsiders to come to work at the University.

– Gathers information about all aspects of how the components in the Construct Field work. Monitor and urge the implementation of monthly, semester and school year work; promptly detect bottlenecks and shortcomings in the unit’s work, propose to the University’s Leaders to take remedial measures.

– Typing and printing all kinds of official documents, documents and documents for the general work of the University. Perform statistical work and report as required by superiors. Summary of weekly, monthly, and yearly work plans.

– Coordinate with other departments to do a good job of introducing the School to the outside.

– Organize and carry out work on emulation, cultural and artistic movements, physical training and sports among officials and teachers, School staff.

– The organization directs and takes care of the environmental sanitation of working areas, classrooms, roads, school yards, and caring areas. flower gardens, ornamental plants, trees, ensuring a clean and beautiful landscape in the School.

– Coordinate with relevant departments to implement flood prevention, fire prevention and fighting in the School.

– Managing cars and driving, planning and coordinating vehicles for school activities according to general regulations.

– Develop and implement a plan to protect physical facilities, social order and safety 24/24 hours within the School of Management ; Coordinating with the local authorities where the University is located in maintaining political security, social order and safety between officials, teachers, students, and local people. Assume the prime responsibility for, and coordinate with relevant units in, inspecting and strictly and promptly handling cases of violations of rules on protection of order and safety in the University.

– Organize and perform health care, routine medical examination and treatment and primary treatment; Issuing sick leave or referral for referral to staff, teachers and students when sick. Inspect and supervise environmental sanitation, propagate and implement disease prevention and control throughout the University.

– Organize, perform other assigned tasks.


In charge: Luong Xuan Diep

Phone: 0962 869 639

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