Industrial electrical

Industry overview

  • College-level industrial electrical workers design, install, operate, maintain, maintain and repair electrical cabinets, electrical machines and transmission lines production and electrical equipment in manufacturing and trading companies such as factories, factories, buildings… in safe conditions.
  • They can take on the roles and responsibilities of managers and technical staff in production facilities, agencies, business units, self-organizing organize and own establishments manufacturing and repairing electrical equipment.

Training target

  • Small capacity single-phase transformers, single-phase and three-phase AC motors;
  • Read and analyze electrical diagram drawings such as principle diagrams, installation diagrams, single-line diagrams of some basic electrical diagrams;
  • Installation of lighting system, low voltage power supply system;
  • Installing the power supply system of an enterprise, a small and medium-sized workshop in accordance with technical requirements;
  • Repair and maintain electrical equipment on production lines, ensuring the correct order and technical requirements;
  • Correct diagnosis and repair of common failures in basic automatic control systems;
  • Install and operate electrical equipment safely;
  • Technical guidance and supervision by groups and groups to install low-voltage electrical networks and control circuits in the power system;
  • Skills in communication, organization and teamwork.

Training content

  • Automatic speed control systems such as servos, inverters, soft starters;
  • Program to control automatic systems using PLC, Logo, Zen;
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic system control;
  • Program to control Mobile Robot;
  • Program to control smart home system 4.0;
  • Programming automatic control systems, industrial production lines such as MPS, IMS, industrial control 4.0;
  • Installation and connection of electrical equipment in industrial production lines;


  • Military Training

Standard Output

  • Installation of building electrical systems
  • Operation and maintenance of the electrical system
  • Installation and operation of power supply systems for factories
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of low voltage electrical equipment.
  • Perform electrical measurements for low voltage electrical circuits and equipment.
  • Installation: electrical equipment, measuring equipment, conductors in low voltage electrical systems, industrial machinery and production lines.
  • Operation and repair of low voltage electrical systems and circuits in industrial machinery.
  • Installation, repair and maintenance of electrical control cabinets for production and technology machines.
  • Repair, maintenance, maintenance and operation of electric machines
  • Installation, operation and maintenance of automation systems.
  • Product Quality Control (KCS).
  • Electrical installation, repair and maintenance personnel in enterprises;
  • Doing repair, maintenance and trading services on civil and industrial electrical equipment;
  • Technicians operating and monitoring electrical systems in enterprises
  • Trained with knowledge and skills to start a business so that they can create their own jobs;
  • Working in companies that design, manufacture, maintain and maintain electrical equipment, construction and installation companies of electrical works;
  • Working at joint venture companies or companies with 100% foreign capital specializing in the field of industrial electricity and automation;
  • Working in ASEAN countries and internationally such as: Korea, Thailand, Japan, Australia,