Industrial electronics

Industry overview

  • Today, along with the extremely strong and rapid development of information technology, electronic devices and microprocessors used in industry are increasingly popular. Therefore, the work of designing, maintaining and upgrading industrial systems using high technology in general and electronic engineering in particular is increasingly urgent. Requires high-quality human resources, understanding of electronic technology, with interdisciplinary skills. According to forecasts, the demand for human resources in the electronics industry is increasing and will increase in the coming years.
  • Vocational Industrial Electronics specializes in designing, processing, installing, maintaining and repairing electronic equipment and automatic control systems in industrial production.

Training target

  • Install, connect, operate, maintain and repair electrical and electronic equipment of the automatic control system of industrial production lines such as conveyor belts, elevators, mixing machines. raw materials, product classification, photojournalism…;
  • Install, maintain and repair controllers, digital pulse circuits, digital ICs and common ICs, power converters, electronic measuring systems, circuit boards industrial electronics,…;
  • Programming microcontrollers, PLCs, etc. to meet the requirements of automatic control of industrial systems;
  • Design and construction of electronic circuit boards, application circuits of automatic control electrical equipment: industrial led optical panels, traffic light systems, fire alarm systems, lighting systems automatically…;
  • Designing a number of replacement circuits, application circuits, to meet the requirements of repairing or improving the working mode of industrial electronic equipment;
  • Capable of absorbing, organizing and implementing technology transfer, applying techniques and technologies in solving complex situations in reality;
  • Graduate degree according to training level.

Training content

  • Operating electrical and electronic equipment in industrial chains;
  • Design some alternative circuits, application circuits;
  • Installing and connecting electronic devices in industrial chains;
  • Install and maintain special electronic control devices;
  • Program to control elevator systems, microcontrollers, microprocessors, automation in industry;
  • Maintenance and repair of electronic devices according to work requirements;
  • Can use application software for specialized and management, production organization.


  • Military Training

Standard Output

  • Have basic knowledge of electrical and electronic engineering such as: circuit theory, basic electronics, digital, power electronics
  • Ability to implement basic electronic, power electronics, digital circuits applied to specific applications
  • Having foreign language ability to read and understand English technical documents such as catalog, manual
  • Ability to program PLCs, microcontrollers, design embedded systems in industry
  • Operation, repair and maintenance of electronic, pneumatic, hydraulic and industrial automation systems
  • Construction and installation of computer networks and industrial networks in factories and enterprises
  • Operating and repairing electronic equipment in machine tools
  • Ability to study to higher levels
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  • Work as a manager, technician or work directly on automatic production lines, in electromechanical groups or technical departments of companies and enterprises electronics manufacturing;
  • Responsible for assembly, maintenance and repair of industrial electronic products; construction and installation of solar energy, sound and light systems in schools, hotels, apartments, supermarkets,…;
  • Working in design departments, management departments, electronics manufacturing…;
  • Working at companies, enterprises, manufacturing, manufacturing, and assembling electrical and electronic products;
  • Working at businesses providing repair and maintenance services for industrial electronic products;
  • Working in customer care, technical consulting of businesses providing electronic equipment and other services related to training;< /li>
  • Ability to open a design, installation and repair consulting facility by yourself; business organization, technical service, repair of automation equipment;
  • Learning to a higher level
  • To participate in labor export or continue studying in developed countries such as Japan, Korea…