20-year-old female head of department determined not to go to university: Rebel or elite?

The story of a young man with only a high school diploma, determined not to go to university, but currently working as the Sales Manager of a large company with a good income, surprised and pondered many people.

Here is a story about a young girl who didn’t go to university told by Professor Truong Nguyen Thanh (University of Utah, USA):

“Yesterday I had a great time walking with Thao Vy, Sales Manager of a fairly well-known insurance company. At this point, you must imagine in your mind a woman about 30-35 years old or older, with a Bachelor’s degree or a bachelor’s degree. Master or something.

You will be surprised when I determine that Thao Vy is only 20-21 years old. In addition, Vy only has a high school diploma and her staff are all masters.

Thao Vy shared that after graduating from Le Hong Phong High School, she took a “gap year” to do the things she liked, such as volunteering, studying the things she liked (short-term courses).

After a year, I decided not to study abroad and also not to go to university in Vietnam! She shared that for more than six months, she could not talk to her father, and her mother was worried when she decided to live on her own.

In a society that values ​​degrees, this can be a terrible nightmare for many parents in Vietnam. Especially middle-class families can afford to send their children to study abroad.

Professor Truong Nguyen Thanh and sister Thao Vy – who decided not to go to university.

Thao Vy shared that in order to be able to pay for her life, her mother invested her in studying for a Yoga instructor license. And a lucky opportunity I was invested to open a gym to teach Yoga. Running a business at the age of 19 without much experience is indeed “deaf not afraid of guns” or “crazy not afraid of fire!”.

Covid-19 is like a nail in the gym. I failed, but I was not discouraged and maintained a positive life. It was also the positive spirit that gave me the opportunity to be introduced to work for a famous insurance company and in a short time I proved my ability, being promoted to the Head of Department when I was only a youngster. 20 years old.

Through this story I want to give you two images:

1. A 20-year-old young man without a university degree works as a Sales Manager for a large company.

2. A 22-year-old young man with a university degree cannot find a job, so he has to run Grab to make ends meet.

What is the main difference between these two young people? – Not afraid of challenges.

Speaking of which, I am reminded of a group of students from the Elite Scholarship Program at Hoa Sen University. Most of the people in Hoa Sen understand what the program is and how it will be trained. With you, many members of the Board of Directors do not understand why I chose. She has two hair colors on her head, her fingers are painted in different colors, her academic ability is average, her temperament is a bit careless…

Professor Truong Nguyen Thanh emphasized, not every job requires a university degree.

I am a farmer, so I use the example of choosing a plant variety to make it easier to understand. To have a good fruit tree, you need good seed. But good varieties depend on each person’s selection criteria. Trees with many fruits but small fruits or trees with few fruits but large fruits, the way to choose different varieties. The traditional way of selecting “talented” varieties in universities in Vietnam based on scores will leave out what I consider to be the elite.

Thao Vy deserves to be in the elite team and is my disciple. I hope my time in Vietnam will nurture and develop them like that. Before leaving, I said to Thao Vy, “You still have a long way to go!” Thao Vy smiled brightly and replied, “I’m still young, but I still have a long way to go, but first, I’m going to be the Sales Director.” I laughed out loud hahahaha… Now, Thao Vy’s mother is very proud of her child’s achievements, but I don’t know what Thao Vy’s father thinks.

Ah! I’m not advocating not going to college or going to college. I only advocate for parents to let their children decide their own path, not force them to follow the path chosen by their parents because they think they know more and create space and opportunities for their children to develop. according to the will of their parents’ love. That’s all!”

(Source: Gate General Education Portal Career | 20-year-old female head of department determined not to go to college: Rebel or elite? (gdnn.gov.vn)

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