Students of Hai Duong Vocational College decorate aquariums with models of houses in the West

In 2 days, Thach Duong created a miniature house simulating a house in the West of the river for an aquarium from a few simple items .

Vu Thach Duong (born in 2000), a student at Hai Duong Vocational College, has been interested in aquarium hobby for many years. Since he was not economically independent to play expensive miniatures, he thought of a way to create his own.

Duong said: “With the idea of ​​making a suitable model to decorate the aquarium, I thought of the house on the Western river. Referring online, I found this model by artist Le Xuan Giang, so I should cover it to learn. After 4-5 days, I released the first product but there were many shortcomings.”

The model of a house in the West River was created by Duong from simple and easy-to-find materials.

From the following model, Duong looks at pictures of simple houses online, then imagines and follows inspiration. Male students use tongue depressors attached to formex bars to fix the floor and walls. In this step, he used 502 glue combined with thin tissue paper as an adhesive to help the joints stick more tightly.

Next, Duong uses cardboard to create a pseudo-corrugated layer attached to the roof. After painting the model with watercolors to make it look as realistic as possible, he designed the small details.

Recently, having spent a lot of time at home during the epidemic season, Duong made her third work, a row of houses also in Western style.

“Because I have a lot of interest, I work continuously, sometimes staying up until 3 am, so only 2 days have been completed. When I posted pictures online, some aquarists found it beautiful to share, even appearing on foreign forums. Everyone loves his model. Some say it brings back memories,” Duong said.

Each model, Duong only takes a few days to perfect.

Duong said he has never studied drawing or any art related subject. The boy was only praised for his good imagination and creativity from a young age.

The models are created by Duong using simple materials in the house and imagination because he has never had the opportunity to visit the West. If only displayed indoors, the model can last for 1-2 years, but if left outdoors in the sun or rain, it will quickly deteriorate.

According to Duong, the hardest step is to color it so it looks real.

Currently, many people ask to buy Duong’s house model to make miniatures for aquariums. The male student said that he just did it for fun, but did not intend to develop it for a long time.

In addition to the Western-style house, Duong intends to recreate the simple, rustic house model attached to the river or the sea to match the aquarium.

Many people are interested in the creativity of the male students of Hai Duong Vocational College.

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