Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc “In order to increase labor productivity, there must be skilled and skilled human resources”

Forum “Enhancing Vietnamese labor skills” for the first time was held under the chairmanship of the Prime Minister and opened on the morning of November 16, is the largest forum ever in educational activities. Vocational education with content on Vietnamese labor skills.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc delivered a concluding speech at the Forum – Photo Thong Nhat VNA

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc, Head of the Central Economic Commission Nguyen Van Binh, Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam, Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs Dao Ngoc Dung, VCCI Chairman Vu Tien Loc… and more than 1,500 delegates including a large number of businesses, large corporations that use a lot of human resources, education experts… attended. The topic of the forum was: “Enterprises accompany innovation and improve the quality of vocational education”.

Concluding the forum, the Prime Minister acknowledged that the delegates had contributed valuable ideas and experiences for the development of human resources in our country.

“I have stated before the National Assembly that the resources for the development of our country are not the gold and silver forests, the main thing is the nearly 100 million Vietnamese people,” the Prime Minister said. The successful experience of many developed countries shows that when other conditions remain unchanged, skilled human resources, especially those with high skills, play a particularly important role, contributing to productivity. outstanding labor force, promoting GDP growth, improving national competitiveness.

In the past 30 years, population and labor force growth has been an important driving force, contributing greatly to the achievement of national GDP growth. However, it must be realistically acknowledged that since 2013, Vietnam’s labor size has begun to critical compared to the size of the economy. Therefore, improving the productivity and quality of the labor force plays a vital role in improving the growth rate and in the efforts to restructure the economy and renew the growth model.

“We have confirmed that vocational education is still assigned to the Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs sector to continue managing. This issue is controversial, but it is clear that this assignment to the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs is right and necessary to improve professionalism,” the Prime Minister said. We have identified up to 130 key occupations, and there have been 40 key and high-quality vocational schools. Many schools have good programs and especially in the last 3 years, the enrollment of vocational schools has exceeded the target. This is a good sign.

The association of vocational education with enterprises has had a positive change. Many good examples of training in enterprises and schools besides enterprises such as THACO Chu Lai, Viettel, Vingroup, Vietjet… In the field of foreign investment, there are many enterprises with good vocational schools like Samsung, which can train up to several hundred thousand workers.

Prime Minister and delegates performed the ritual “The State, businesses, and schools accompany” renewing, improving the quality of vocational education, raising the level of Vietnamese labor skills” – Photo Thong Nhat VNA

Emphasizing the role of enterprises, the Prime Minister quoted Prof. Robert Kaplan (Harvard University) that “country is the boat, businesses are the rowers”, if the rowers are weak, the boat cannot pass.

However, the Prime Minister also pointed out that there are still difficulties and shortcomings in vocational education. That is, the percentage of trained workers with degrees and certificates is generally low. Vietnam has the third largest number of employees in ASEAN, but the labor force, especially trained workers, only reaches over 22%, only one third of South Korea and Singapore.

The structure of trained labor, the shifting trend is unreasonable, there is still a widespread shortage of teachers and workers, not “excess teachers, shortage of workers”. There is still the mentality of parents that their children can’t go to university to learn a trade. Many people are in the wrong profession.
“It is said that the network of vocational training institutions in our country is like a five-color shirt with many patches made from old fabrics. It is said that the uniformity of vocational schools is an issue that needs more attention, including practice facilities and other skills, “said the Prime Minister. We do not have a synthesis, analysis and assessment of the labor force working abroad to return home. How was this force promoted in Vietnam?

“We have the population size 13th, 14th in the world and especially we have the economy size 37th, 38th, but we have not entered the TOP 50 in the world for vocational training”, The Prime Minister gave this question to the Minister of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, provinces, schools and enterprises. “Therefore, at this conference, we hope that vocational education in Vietnam has a stronger desire to rise to par with advanced countries in the region and the world. Only then can we move the economy forward in the higher value chain.”

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc received a shirt hand-made by a candidate who won a gold medal at the ASEAN Skills Competition design and sewing – Photo Thong Nhat VNA

The Prime Minister said that 3 principles must be ensured. First of all, it is necessary to stick more closely to the actual needs of the market, to ensure the harmony between supply and demand for skilled labor. Second, develop vocational training with international quality standards to meet the high requirements of domestic and foreign enterprises. Third, improve predictability, it is necessary to understand, grasp quickly and forecast the demand for highly skilled human resources of enterprises and the economy in the coming period to orient cooperation between enterprises and schools.

“You don’t train what people don’t need,” the Prime Minister said, and asked the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs to think and design and propose a “social pact”, which is a cooperation mechanism between employers and employees. schools, businesses and the Government in key industry fields to link the content and quality of training high-skilled human resources with market demand and the economy.

Accordingly, enterprises are allowed to participate in the development of training content, send staff to participate in training, and receive business-school intern trainees during the training process upon graduation.

For the school, focus on creating conditions for lecturers to improve their professional quality, access new skills from domestic and international enterprises, improve teaching quality, and study and practice equipment.

The Government implements preferential policies with a spirit of vocational education institutions, enterprises that participate in training and employ many students from vocational education institutions are entitled to incentives. If you want a good student, you must have a good teacher, when “a teacher becomes a teacher”, then “a new worker becomes a worker”.

Provinces, cities and localities that have vocational training schools should give priority to projects with coordination between vocational education institutions and businesses, for example, spending 10 -15% of projects in the locality, from That can link schools and businesses, and indirectly in the human resource training process.

The Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, ministries and branches propose new models of vocational training, pilot models of training post-secondary students to go to colleges… Building a database Open national vocational education to forecast short-term, medium-term and long-term on human resource demand, job demand, training demand by field, occupation, level of training.

Not only has the sentence: “One of the best, the most honorable”, his father also has the sentence “The surface is not equal to having a job in hand”, “One job for nine is better than nine jobs”, the Prime Minister stated, the Vocational education is a career that affects the success or failure of a country’s development in transition.

Emphasizing that this is not a theoretical conference, but action must be taken after the conference, the Prime Minister said that there must be products from the conference, which is a Directive of the Prime Minister on developing skilled human resources. profession, meeting the requirements of improving labor productivity in Vietnam. This directive will be chaired by the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, together with other ministries and branches of construction, and will soon be submitted to the Prime Minister.

The Prime Minister also agreed that it is necessary to have a warm heart, a smart head and an actionable hand to develop vocational education.

Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc awarded the Second-class Labor Medal to Truong The Dieu, a career silver medalist. CNC milling at the 45th World Skills Competition- Thong Nhat Photo – VNA

On this occasion, the Prime Minister sent his best wishes to teachers on the occasion of Vietnam Teachers’ Day 20/11, especially nearly 90,000 teachers in the field of vocational education.

At the forum, the Prime Minister awarded the Second Class Labor Medal to Mr. Truong The Dieu, who won the Silver Medal of the World Skills Competition last year.

The Prime Minister and delegates performed the ritual “The State, enterprises, and schools accompany in innovation, improve the quality of vocational education, and raise the level of Vietnamese labor skills”.

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