Young people have taken advantage of technology to make a breakthrough in entrepreneurship

In the most difficult times of the pandemic, many young start-ups have also actively been creative, caught up with digital transformation and have contributed to the overall achievements of the country.

Reporter Thanh Nien had an interview with Secretary of the Central Committee Nguyen Tuong Lam about policies to support youth start-ups, especially orientations for young people in the digital transformation flow full of opportunities but also challenges. awake in the present.

Young people introduce the startup project of applying technology to learning

Support youth start-ups

Choose the topic “Youth start-up, start a business” right at a time when the country’s economy is greatly affected by the Covid-19 epidemic, does the Central Committee want to clearly show its character? actions of young people in participating in the development of the country’s economy, sir?

2020 is a year when the world economy in general and our country’s economy in particular have to face many difficulties and challenges under the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic. However, when summarizing 2020, Vietnam’s economy is one of the very few that can maintain a positive growth rate.

That result is thanks to the very wise and drastic direction of the Government as well as the efforts, efforts and flexibility of quick adaptation of Vietnamese enterprises, including the very active participation of the Government. youth entrepreneurship.

In such a context, entering 2021 as the first year of implementing the Resolution of the 13th National Party Congress, the Central Committee of the Central Committee selected the theme “Youth to start a business and start a business” as the theme of the work. clearly demonstrated the action of the Union in participating in socio-economic development of the country, recovering and boosting production and business, and overcoming the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic; participate in the implementation of the goals and vision 2025, 2030, 2045 set out in the resolution.

Choosing this topic not only affirms the determination of the Youth Union at all levels in promoting activities to support youth start-ups, but also inspires, encourages and motivates young people to be confident in labor, production, contribute to the socio-economic development of the country.

Can you tell me what policies and support does the Central Youth Union have for young people in starting a business?

– Currently, the Youth Union at all levels nationwide is focusing on implementing the Youth Start-up Project for the period of 2019 – 2022, which focuses on supporting 3 groups of young people: students, rural youth in need. start-up demand and young entrepreneurs, owners of newly registered production facilities. The project also clearly identifies the main content groups: raising awareness of Youth Union officials at all levels and youth about entrepreneurship; search, develop and support innovative start-up ideas; consulting, training, supporting information, knowledge and skills to start a business; building capital support programs; Support to build product sales channels…

The Central Youth Union continues to research and build a fund to support youth start-ups, and at the same time mobilize and connect social capital sources to directly support potential startup projects of young people.

Comrade Nguyen Tuong Lam, Secretary of the Communist Youth Union

Opportunities are waiting for young people to start a business

Young people starting a business have to face many difficulties due to the Covid-19 epidemic, but in the face of danger, what opportunities are waiting for young people to start a business, sir?

– As we all know, the pandemic is one of the non-traditional factors that have a profound and multi-dimensional impact on the economic fields and entrepreneurship is no exception. However, even when many countries were still confused about how to respond, Vietnam had drastic action programs “Fighting the epidemic like fighting the enemy” and the participation of the whole political system.

Despite being adversely affected by the disruption of the global supply chain, young entrepreneurs are still very confident to stay calm, and support organizations have found solutions with very realistic goals, survival “seeking opportunity in danger”.

Many young people have changed their business direction from face-to-face to online, and at the same time applied information technology platforms to the process of business management and operation; in parallel with finding solutions to promote marketing; E-commerce and especially exploiting indigenous resources, optimizing technology into agricultural production have created breakthrough values.

In 2020, the world economy is extremely gloomy because of the Covid-19 epidemic, but Vietnam is one of the 3 countries with a positive index, this is one of the very rare bright spots of the gloomy economy. protein globally. So in your opinion, what has the young entrepreneur contributed to this bright spot?

– Along with the flow of the economy, young entrepreneurs have also actively and creatively contributed to the overall achievements of the country. What we feel confident and very proud of is that even in the survey results in the middle of the pandemic, startups have shown their creativity, not backing down. Young start-ups have had creative ideas and solutions to support frontline doctors and soldiers against the epidemic, such as robots, masks, ventilators, automatic hand washing machines, etc.

In my opinion, it is the creativity of young people in general and youth startups in particular that have contributed to creating a very effective epidemic prevention line in our country; thereby controlling the epidemic and gradually helping the economy to recover and develop.

Many young entrepreneurs succeed through digital transformation

How do you evaluate the ability to apply digital transformation in startups today, especially since the Covid-19 epidemic appeared?

– Since the Covid-19 epidemic appeared, many businesses have been severely affected, some businesses even went bankrupt. In that context, digital transformation in enterprises is no longer a trend but has become a mandatory requirement for survival and development.

Young people have been taking the lead in implementing the policy of promoting national digital transformation and economic development on the basis of science and technology. In fact, many young entrepreneurs have been extremely proactive with the country to effectively participate in digital transformation, many young entrepreneurs have successfully helped their start-up businesses overcome Covid-19 thanks to digital transformation. The youth-owned innovative start-up projects that have achieved great success in recent years are the most typical evidence for this statement.

Although it can be said that the application of digital transformation in startups in Vietnam is relatively good, many young entrepreneurs focus too much on technology and forget about other factors such as the market. school, skills, information… to start a successful business.

Unions and associations at all levels have been developing contents and solutions to support young entrepreneurs to have a good orientation in the midst of the digital transformation flow in the current context, how to enable young entrepreneurs to start a business. can produce technological products associated with the practical needs of the people and the country; take advantage of the advantages of science and technology to break through and develop.

What suggestions do you have to start a business, start a business of young people to have stronger development steps?

– Personally, I feel that it is necessary to have an open mechanism for the innovative startup ecosystem to develop to its full potential within the legal framework that allows and stimulates the creativity of young people more.

The more responsible participation of the large business community, must consider themselves as midwives of start-up projects and there should be a mechanism to encourage corporate responsibility in the goal of promoting the development of innovative startups.

In addition, policies on capital and capital attraction need to be open and favorable for the group of investment capital flows for innovative start-ups, investment funds must be diversified, legal conditions for success must be met. Setting up, investing and withdrawing capital for innovative start-ups must be simpler and more efficient…


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