Mr. Kenji Ota – CEO of Loco Bee Company, went to meet the representative of the University to discuss services and job opportunities for Mona students in Japan.

After researching training programs and realizing that the company’s internship recruitment programs are suitable for FPTU students, especially students who are studying Japanese Language and Software Engineering. The representative of LocoBee company decided to visit and give recruitment opportunities to students Mona

LocoBee Company is a company that plans, develops and manages an application and communication business for foreign tourists (especially Vietnam). Currently, the company has programs to recruit interns through the activities of Loco Bee Magazine and Loco Bee App.

Loco Bee Magazine is a Japanese tourist information channel with a reservation function; gather the shares of Vietnamese people.

Loco Bee app introduces stores, shopping addresses, event information and attractive tourist attractions in Japan in Vietnamese. Customers can make reservations at those locations through this app.

This is an opportunity for FPTU students who love Japan to work and directly interact with the culture of the country. In addition, after finishing the internship, you also have the opportunity to officially work at LocoBee company.

At the same time, during the school visit, East Japan Railway Company announced its acceptance of JEIS’s recruitment program and awarded the company’s work certificates to three FPTU students.


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