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Administration Department – Hai Duong Vocational College
Office: 2nd floor, Building A – Tien Trung area, Ai Quoc ward, Hai Duong city


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The Administration Department helps the Principal perform the function of purchasing, repairing and managing the School’s equipment assets. Including: infrastructure management, planning, equipment and management of the entire system of equipment, machinery, and technical supplies for training, scientific research and technology deployment of the University.


– Manage and maintain the entire housing system including: Workhouses, workshops, classrooms, classrooms, public buildings other public works.

– Manage and maintain the entire infrastructure, including: land, yard, garden, bonsai, trees, fence , the school’s transportation system, the sewer system, the water and electricity supply system, and the school’s telephone system to ensure smooth information.

– Planning, equipping and managing the entire system of equipment, machinery, materials, techniques… for work training, scientific research and technology deployment.

– Planning and organizing the procurement of machinery, equipment, technical supplies, tables and chairs, cabinets, tables, catering timely for teaching, learning, researching and working of officials, teachers and students in the School.

– Planning and organizing home repairs, public works, equipment, machinery, furniture, cabinets, tables, .. damaged of all rooms, departments, units in the University.

– Coordinating with relevant functional units, planning construction and acceptance of new constructions, repair works repair, major renovation, handover and plan to put those works into effective use.

– Develop regulations on inspection and implementation of regulations on the use of assets and equipment of officials, civil servants and students. Make rules and instructions for use and maintenance of equipment, supplies and machinery. Regularly assess the quality and use value of equipment to have a procurement plan and make full use of the capacity of all types of equipment and machinery, to prevent damage, loss, and waste.</ p>

– Make a plan to conduct procedures for liquidation of expired assets according to the principles and regulations of the State.</ p>

– Manage inventory and allocate supplies, equipment, and stationery.

– Organize and perform some other assigned tasks.


Head of Department: Pham Thi Lan

Phone: 0974 917 385

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