What to do after studying Industrial Electrical?

What to do after studying Industrial Electrical?

The industrial electricity industry attracts many young people to study at universities, colleges or vocational schools in each enrollment period. However, what many students wonder is what to study industrial electricity for? There are good training schools to consider applying to suit your abilities and interests.

Surely all of us know that electricity plays a very important role in human life. If you normally give you a day without power, you will definitely feel overwhelmed and needy. Electricity in business activities is also very necessary, so the industrial electricity industry was born and trained by many prestigious universities. What to do with industrial electricity? What are the job opportunities? Let’s dig deeper into this issue together.

I. What are the characteristics of industrial electrical profession?

Industrial electricity is an industry that plays a very important role in today’s life from business to daily life. All human activities are mostly associated with electricity.

The industrial electricity industry is also a field specializing in the implementation of the design and construction of power transmission lines, ensuring all electricity-related activities for economic, service, commercial and commercial activities. society.

The country is in the process of development and integration, the problem of industrialization and modernization is posed, so it requires us to have innovation and industrial electricity will contribute a significant part to it. The development of the electricity industry will lead to many other better sectors.

Industrial Electrical Profession – Hai Duong Vocational College

II. Industrial electricity learn what?

When studying industrial electrical engineering, you will experience and learn knowledge such as:

Analyze all systems that generate or transmit, consume, or distribute electricity. Lighting systems, lightning protection systems, electrical safety systems, civil or industrial security systems.

Calculate and design as well as repair, maximize all productivity and ensure the best results for your electrical equipment or energy-saving devices.

Repair, operate as well as inspect all electrical equipment, two-phase, three-phase, DC machines, cable transformer systems of industrial or civil electricity.

Understand the operating principles of generators and equipment related to electrical work in the most detailed and specific way.

When studying industrial electricity, students will be fully equipped with knowledge as well as principles or principles of industrial electrical systems. From simple to advanced knowledge, from theory to practice, it helps students better understand and grasp the actual situation as well as grasp industrial machinery and equipment when they come to work.

III. What to do with industrial electricity?

As an electrical engineer, you will undertake the following tasks:

Operation and maintenance of all types of electricity in the company, the power network in the system of workshops, factories, large and small enterprises…

Operating and maintaining industrial electrical systems in residential areas, industrial parks, civil electricity, lightning protection systems, electrical safety and security protection systems.

Design, calculate and repair all electrical equipment and machines such as AC, DC, transformer…

Some of the titles and positions in the electrical industry you will know are as follows:

  • Industrial electrician.
  • Industrial electrical engineer.
  • Industrial electrical engineering.
  • Industrial electrical technician.
  • Industrial Management.
  • Electrical builder.
  • Electromechanical worker.
  • Construction electrician.
  • Industrial electrical maintenance technician.
  • Electrician…

Many positions for students to choose industrial electricity. You can also work at a power plant, the management or operation department, maintenance of the industrial power network, or a company or enterprise that manufactures electrical equipment…

Or for those of you with skills, doing business yourself or opening a shop to maintain and repair electrical equipment is also a job opportunity for the electrical industry. Professional technicians specializing in consulting and trading industrial electrical equipment for businesses is also a job you can do.

Is it difficult to get a job after graduating from electrical industry?

IV. Which schools train industrial electricity?

If you have a need to study industrial electricity but do not know which school has a major and where to study. Here is a list of some industrial electrical training schools you can refer to:

  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology.
  • University of Technology (Vietnam National University, Hanoi).
  • v.v.

In addition to universities, you can also choose to study industrial electricity at vocational schools or colleges in the provinces. Most provinces have training facilities to fully meet the needs. Electrical engineer, electrical jobs inside and outside the province (Source: vn.joboko.com)

In Hai Duong area, you can learn about industrial electricity at http://hdvtc.edu.vn/nganh-hoc/dien-cong-nghiep/

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