What to do after studying Korean Technology?

What to do after studying Korean Technology?

Welding technology belongs to a group of popular engineering disciplines in the mechanical field, so what is welding technology? What to study and what to do, let’s find out in this article.

Currently, welding technology is becoming a key concern of scientists and technicians with the goal of creating super-long and super-weight products for technology fields: space, nuclear, defense, aviation, structural construction… to save energy, space materials and land, contributing to making people’s lives more and more comfortable.

The welding technology industry is playing an important role in the industry

For young people who are careful, meticulous and detailed, Welding Technology may be one of the right majors for you. Welding technology is playing an important role in the industry? What is welding technology? Welding is a machining method in mechanics that uses fixed joints of mechanical parts of all sizes, from small details to large details such as: offshore drilling rigs are formed from steel bars,…

I. Orientation to welding technology industry

The welding industry is mostly about promoting the skills and expertise of the performers, so the training program usually includes a lot of modules on training welding skills and welding practice.

With the increasingly wide development of welding work, in order to ensure technical expertise, experts have classified many different groups of welding techniques such as: electric welding, TIG welding, MIG – MAG welding, welding. plasma, electric pressure welding, underwater welding, steam welding, friction welding… Therefore, to be successful in the profession, learners must practice skills to weld many different welding methods.

One product after welding

II. What is the field of Welding Technology?

When studying this major, you will be equipped with knowledge about: Mechanical materials, Production organization, Principle – Machine details, Electrical engineering, Metal technology, Tolerance – Measuring technique, Welding technology, Welding equipment, Welding structure, Pneumatic hydraulic system, Forging technology and equipment, Welding quality inspection,

Ship welder on construction site

III. What to do after graduating from Welding Technology?

Welders can apply for jobs at most factories and mechanical workshops in many localities and provinces in Vietnam.

Countries in the region and the world are also in need of high-tech welding human resources, so there are many opportunities for high-tech welders to work abroad. In the current period of industrialization and modernization in our country, those who are trained in welding technology have wide career opportunities in major product manufacturing fields such as:

  • Oil and gas industry (manufacturing and repairing rig stands, oil pipelines, storage tanks)
  • Shipbuilding industry, high-speed railway train.
  • Aircraft industry. Petrochemical and chemical industry.
  • Hydroelectricity and thermal power industry.
  • Cement industry.
  • Bridge and tunnel industry
  • Factory manufacturing industry, truss, beams
  • Industrial machine manufacturing industry.
  • Positions you can take are:
  • Scientific research and teaching staff
  • Korean operating engineer
  • Supervising engineer
  • Design Engineer

IV. Welding technology training schools

Below is information about some schools that offer Welding Technology training for your reference:

  • Hanoi University of Science and Technology
  • Ho Chi Minh City University of Technology and Education
  • v.v.

In addition to universities, you can also choose to learn welding technology at vocational schools or colleges in the provinces. Most of the provinces have training facilities to fully meet the needs of welding technicians and welding jobs inside and outside the province.

In Hai Duong area, you can learn about welding technology at http://hdvtc.edu.vn/nganh-hoc/cong-nghe-han


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