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Testing, testing & NCKH – Hai Duong Vocational College
Office: 1st floor, Building A – Tien Trung area, Ai Quoc ward, Hai Duong city


Room was established in 2007 according to Decision No. 175/QD-TrCDN dated September 26, 2007 of Hai Duong Vocational College. At that time, the room was named: Scientific Research and Quality Assurance Department – 

On October 30, 2009, the room was renamed to Laboratory of Examination, Testing and Scientific Research according to Decision No. 221/QD- TrCDN-TC of Hai Duong Vocational College to comply with the School Charter


The Department of Scientific Research and Quality Assurance is a unit with the following functions: Organizing the implementation of scientific research, inspecting, Examination and training quality assurance of the University, according to the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs.


– Develop plans and organize scientific research, coordinate with departments, faculties, units, and individuals inside and outside the School. carry out scientific research tasks.

– Manage question bank, exam question bank in all training systems of the University, direct and regularly update the question bank questions, quizzes. Proposing exam forms, strictly managing exam results. Check and assess the quality of teaching and learning.

– Develop training vocational skills standards to evaluate training results, design assessment tools and processes.< /p>

– Research and update solutions on multiple-choice test methods and skills in a regular and modern direction.</p >

– Inspect the implementation of training policies and laws.

– Inspect the implementation of goals, plans, programs, content,  methods, training regulations, exam regulations, grant diplomas and certificates. The implementation of regulations on lecture curricula in all types of training (formal, informal, joint, joint,…), training levels.

– Perform the task of receiving citizens, handling complaints and denunciations in the training field of the University according to regulations.</p >

– Performing the task of preventing and fighting corruption in the field of education and training in accordance with the law.

– Advise the Principal on the examination work throughout the School, propose to the Principal measures to seriously implement the regulations on examination and examination; propose strategies to innovate examination and examination work in order to contribute to improving the quality of training.

– In conjunction with the Training Department to advise and propose to the Principal to issue specific regulations on exam and examination work.< /p>

– Directing faculties to strictly implement the regulations of the Ministry of Education and Training, the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs, the Regulations of the Principal on examination and examination work.

– Together with the Training Department, direct the organization of the exam, mark the exam, enter the score, and announce the score according to the regulations.

– Participate in the school’s enrollment.

– Deployment and implementation of policies and legal documents on training quality assurance work of the Ministry of Education and Training Creation, Ministry of Labor, War Invalids and Social Affairs, forming the concept of quality culture among officials, teachers and students of the University.

– Building and implementing self-assessment on quality assurance of the School according to the roadmap of the Ministry of Education and Training and Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs.

– Directing the implementation of work contents, accumulating documents and proofs for external evaluation. Advise the Principal on measures to continue improving the quality of training in accordance with the criteria of quality accreditation.

– Conduct surveys to serve quality assurance work.

– Attend professional training courses on inspection, testing and quality assurance of education and training .

– Organize, perform some other assigned tasks./.


Head of Department: Nguyen Dang Phong

Phone: 0912 166 874

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