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Students – Student Affairs Department – Hai Duong Vocational College
Office: 1st floor, Building A – Tien Trung area, Ai Quoc ward, Hai Duong city
Phone: (0220) 3 751 758


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Advise and implement the policy of the School’s Board of Directors on propaganda, political education, ideology, culture and art , physical training and sports for pupils and students in the School; Managing students, students in terms of political qualities, morals and academics; Implement policy regimes, reward and discipline students.


– Develop and submit to the Principal for approval the program and work plan of political, ideological, ethical and work education. student management.

– Develop and submit to the Rector for promulgation specific regulations concretizing the regulations on student management of the Ministry of Labor – Invalids and Social Affairs. society, Ministry of Education and Training applied in the School.

– Organize propaganda, guidelines, policies and laws of the Party and State on the internal communication system such as: Internal newsletter sets, radio, billboards, posters, photos, newspapers and other publications about the University.

– Coordinate with the Youth Union and related departments and faculties to organize and create conditions for students to participate in activities culture, arts, sports, hobby clubs, healthy recreational activities. Periodically organize direct contact activities between the School Leaders and students, student and student briefings.

– Standing Committees: commendation, discipline, suspension, expulsion for pupils and students; Council for assessing the training of students and students; Member of the Council for Academic Processing and Graduation Recognition; Councils related to scholarships, student and student grants.

– Same room with other functions participating in enrollment. Manage lists, store student input records.

– Coordinating with functional units to receive students, students who are admitted to the School; organize the first political course for students; make cards, uniforms for students.

– Confirm documents related to students (except training-related documents) and do the necessary procedures necessary for students and graduates.

– Gather and propose the Principal to consider subsidies, tuition fee exemptions and reductions for students according to current regulations. Exploiting, receiving and distributing scholarship grants for students of domestic and foreign organizations. Procedures for students, students to borrow bank loans.

– Organize the evaluation of results of moral, political and ideological training, coordinate with relevant departments and faculties to rank the results learning of students.

– Gather and propose the School to reward individuals, groups of students and students who achieve high achievements in study and training ; discipline students, students who violate the regulations, rules and regulations of the School.

– Directly manage student dormitories; Receiving and processing applications for in-patient and out-patient admission of students. Check the compliance with the Dormitory Regulations, handle violations managed by the Principal. Set up an information system to manage students, internal and external students and coordinate with directly related units to deal with cases of illness, accidents and risks of students and students.</ p>

– Registration of temporary residence, temporary absence for students, boarding students. List, manage, and report reserve troops according to the law on military service.

– Synthesize, report at the request of the School Board

– Organize dialogue with students; resolve or recommend to the School questions and complaints about the training results and policies of students.

– Organize health check-ups for students, new students entering the School, periodical health check-ups for students during the school year study time at the School according to current regulations. Handling cases that are not healthy enough to study. Implement health insurance, bodily accident insurance for students, coordinate with insurance agencies and relevant departments to deal with cases of sick students and students. accident, risk.

– Grasp the ideal situation of students and students. Organize and study the resolutions, guidelines and policies of the Party and the State; political and ideological education activities, moral education, lifestyle, media education,…

– Organize thematic, extracurricular, social and charity activities.

– Organizing and implementing emulation movements among students; organize mass movements to fight against drugs, crime and social evils; organize contests on the above contents.

– Organize, perform other assigned tasks.


Head of Department: Nguyen Xuan Tu

Phone: 0972 982 159

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