The Government promulgates regulations on the seniority allowance for teachers

The Government has just issued Decree 77/2021/ND-CP dated August 1, 2021 regulating the seniority allowance for teachers. The Decree clearly stipulates the time for calculating the benefit, the time for excluding the seniority allowance, the allowance level, and the way to calculate the seniority allowance.

Accordingly, the period for calculating the seniority allowance includes the time of teaching and education with compulsory social insurance payment in public and non-public educational institutions.

Working time for which seniority allowances are calculated, including: working time paid according to one of the ranks or titles of the specialized customs, court, procuracy, audit, inspection and enforcement. civil project, ranger, national reserve, party inspection; working time is calculated for seniority allowance in the army, police, cipher and working time is calculated for seniority in other professions (if any).

The period of military service according to the law, before going to the military service, is being calculated for the seniority allowance.

The period of excluding seniority allowances includes: The probationary period; the period of personal leave without salary continuously for 1 month or more. The period of sick and maternity leave exceeds the time limit prescribed by the law on social insurance.

The time spent working as an expert, studying, practicing, working or surveying at home and abroad exceeds the time limit decided by the competent authority. The period of being temporarily suspended from work or being held in custody or temporary detention in service of investigation, prosecution and adjudication.

As for the seniority allowance, this Decree also specifically stipulates: teachers participating in teaching and education who have paid compulsory social insurance for full 5 years (60 months) are entitled to a seniority allowance equal to 5 years. % of the current salary plus the allowance for leadership positions and allowances for overtime (if any). From the sixth year onwards, each year (full 12 months) is charged 1% more.

The seniority allowance is calculated and paid in the same monthly salary period and is used to calculate the payment and enjoyment of social insurance, health insurance and unemployment insurance.

Localities and public educational institutions that have paid teachers’ seniority allowances from July 1, 2020 until now, shall continue to comply with this Decree.

Teachers who are teaching in public educational institutions still hold the rank of public employee in the education and training sector (with the first 2 digits of the rank code being 15) but have not yet been classified into the professional title of specialized public employee. education and training majors (code V07) and vocational education majors (code V09) are still entitled to the teacher seniority allowance according to the provisions of this Decree.


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