Information technology industry – Direction and development opportunities

Information technology is a “super hot” industry pursued by many young people; However, not everyone really understands the information technology industry – how is the direction and development opportunities?

The global information technology (IT) industry includes areas such as hardware, software and services, telecommunications and emerging technologies including solutions. service solutions with the support of Internet of Things (IoT) and automation technology. The global IT industry is predicted to be worth $5.2 trillion by 2020, with global spending increasing by 3.7%.

What is the prospect of the information technology industry?

As the world is more strongly connected on digital technology platforms and automation technology is applied to most industries, the development information technology is stronger than ever. Especially as we enter the new decade, companies focus more on innovation and creativity instead of reducing costs as before.

The United States remains the country with the most developed technology industry in the world, accounting for a third of the market share and generating a larger GDP than most other industries. Although the US is the most developed technology market, it is not the largest spender on technology. Western Europe is also a major player in the global technology market, while China is a major player in the fields of robotics, infrastructure, software and technology services.

I. Budget forecast for technology in the coming years

In 2020, the technology spending budget is mainly focused on upgrading outdated infrastructure, dealing with security issues, and adapting to industry-wide growth. The amount spent on technology services by companies varies, depending on their size.

  • Small business: hardware equipment such as servers, personal computers,…
  • Small businesses: mobile devices.
  • Large companies and corporations: information technology infrastructure management services.

Particularly in the software sector, small companies will focus their budgets on operating systems. Meanwhile, medium-sized businesses will spend money on productivity software and business support applications. Large corporations will invest in virtualization technology, database management and communication software. Cloud services will also make up a large part of companies’ spending budgets in the coming years.

II. Development trends of the global information technology industry

1. Cloud security

The constant proliferation of cloud-based software and services and cloud solutions has led to an increasing demand for cloud security more than ever. This is made even more important by the continued increase in cyber attacks and data theft.

Demand for cloud-based security solutions is also increasing in various industries, especially finance and government. The cloud computing security market is predicted to grow to $8.9 billion in early 2020, creating many job opportunities for companies, investors, and IT engineers alike.

2. Year of the 5G network

5G network technology is expected to reach consumers in 2020, not as faint as rumors about it in 2019. Hundreds of millions of smartphones Smart 5G network is also expected to be released this year.

5G networks have many times faster speeds and incredible data capacity. It can also support connecting billions of devices, enabling new innovations in IoT, AI (artificial intelligence) and VR (virtual reality technology). The 5G network also opens up a new world of autonomous vehicles and smart cities in a fully connected society, breaking boundaries to create an unlimited global market with unified technology. .

3. Edge Computing

Edge computing is not a new concept, it has been around for many years. However, 2020 is really the year for this technology to thrive thanks to the availability of high-speed network technologies like 5G and the ability to analyze smaller devices.

Edge computing allows data to be processed closer to where it is created (network edge) instead of a giant data processing center like before. This will help reduce latency and increase data processing speed many times. Edge computing also opens up a wide range of opportunities and benefits for businesses such as cost reduction, improved energy efficiency, predictive maintenance, improved reliability, intelligent manufacturing, and enhanced security.

nganh cong nghe thong tin huong di va co hoi phat trien 2

Development trends of the information technology industry

III. Job opportunities for IT engineers

1. For those with 0 – 2 years of experience

1.1. Computer Support Specialist

  • Projected job growth rate: 11%
  • Average salary: 5-8 million VND/month.
  • Qualification requirements: College graduate or above in Information Technology.

A computer support specialist is someone who evaluates network systems, performs maintenance/maintenance work, and handles LAN, WAN, and network related issues. Internet. This job position can be found in any company or organization.

1.2. Network administrator

  • Projected job growth rate: 6%
  • Average salary: 6.3 – 9.8 million VND/month.
  • Degree requirement: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Information Technology.

Network administrators are in charge of daily tasks related to computer networks. They must determine the needs of the company and install the necessary hardware and software; while maintaining the stability and security of the system.

2. For those with 3 – 8 years of experience

2.1. Computer systems analyst

  • Projected job growth rate: 9%
  • Average salary: 7-15 million VND/month.
  • Degree requirement: Bachelor’s degree or higher in Information Technology.

A computer systems analyst, also known as a system architect, is the person responsible for the performance of an information technology system. company/organization. Their work is a harmonious combination of business and technology, including: estimating the cost of IT system upgrades, designing, installing and configuring new systems,…

2.2. Database Administration (DBA)

  • Projected rate of employment growth
  • n: 11%.
  • Average salary: 14-25 million VND/month.
  • Qualification requirements: University graduate or higher in Information Technology or Computer Science.

DBA’s main job is to store, organize and secure data. This data can be financial transaction information or any other type of important information. They need to ensure database performance and make structural changes as needed.

3. For those with over 9 years of experience

3.1 Information Security Analyst

  • Projected rate of job growth: 28%.
  • Average salary: 30 – 60 million VND/month.
  • Degree requirement: University degree or above majoring in Cybersecurity.

Information security analyst responsible for protecting company computer systems and networks by monitoring network security breaches, setting up firewalls and other software to protect information and identify security holes that need to be fixed.

nganh cong nghe thong tin huong di va co hoi phat trien 3

Information technology job opportunities are always open

3.2. Chief Information Officer (CIO)

  • Projected rate of job growth: 12%.
  • Average salary: Up to 120 million VND/month.
  • Qualification requirements: University graduate or higher in a computer-related field.

CEO is the person who manages the entire technology strategy of the company. They determine the company’s goals and oversee the operations to achieve them. They are also responsible for analyzing performance indicators and delegating work to other employees.

IV. Opportunities for advancement in the IT industry

By this point, you must have understood the opportunities for advancement in the information technology industry based on years of work experience. However, how do you determine where you are on this job ladder?

First, learn from the basics and experiment with a few different things that you love. Let’s start from the simplest positions and constantly accumulate the experience and qualifications required by the job.

You also shouldn’t worry about starting over when you want to move into another area of ​​technology that interests you. The information technology industry is not like other industries. You can change your career path whenever you want and this is not too difficult.

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