Success and wealth are not determined by a bachelor’s shirt

Every year, millions of candidates take part in high school graduation exams and apply for admission to universities and colleges. If you get into university, it is a favorable condition for the road ahead, but if it is the opposite or you do not get into the expected school, it is not a serious problem.

Each person has their own forte and if you choose correctly and are determined to promote that strength, you can absolutely succeed without having to go to university.

Excellent teacher Nguyen Van Ngoc: “I don’t agree with the idea that you have to go to university to be successful, if you don’t go to university, you’ll fail.”

There are still many opportunities if you don’t pass college

Chatting with a reporter from Vietnam Education Electronic Magazine, he discussed with excellent teacher Nguyen Van Ngoc – former Math teacher at Thang Long High School (Hanoi) , said: “Thoughts of forcing children to advance by university have ingrained in the subconscious of many generations of teachers as well as students’ parents. The view that people want to get promoted is to have a degree, to have a university degree, to have a reputation, to be cool with neighbors… dates back to feudal times and is no longer suitable for modern society.

Many generations of students in the past have taken the university entrance exam “for” their parents, not for themselves, what to study, where to study, which school to go to and what to do … are all arranged by parents towards what they like and believe is good.

It’s a shame that most parents and the whole school do not know how to promote and exploit the strengths of students from a young age, but keep rushing to learn more many, every subject requires them to get high scores.

Currently society is developing, but perhaps such thoughts are still quite a lot, although there have been innovations in education. We still use the criteria of qualifications to select, to evaluate people, to manage people through degrees, so psychology must have a university degree to get a job. That’s why the problem of buying and selling degrees, fake degrees, scholars … to legitimize degrees and status.

The way of teaching now has made students have the mentality that they only need to pass the exam to get a degree, but have not paid attention to the substance, not yet directed learners to think for themselves. Think, think for yourself what career you are suitable for. In my opinion such training is anti-educational.

<3 But on the contrary, it is not advisable to one-sidedly criticize those who are interested in going to university, because in today's era, if people do not have thinking and are not highly qualified, they cannot do anything.

Here I mean that a college degree is different from a college degree mindset. If you go to a university they can train you to become one or the other, if you study properly, you will have a university level of thinking. Therefore, I criticize those who only focus on getting into university with the sole desire to have a degree, and the rest neglect their studies. If you don’t like or fail college, there are still many other ways to progress according to your strengths and abilities.”

There are many other opportunities for success after failing the university entrance exam

After failing the 1st wish, many families force their children to go to university at average schools with majors that are redundant in human resources in society. After 4 to 5 years with that average degree, when I graduate, I can’t find a job. This is a real tragedy for parents and children as well as for society.

It’s easy to say, but the shock of college failure is too great for students just starting out in life. A shock is too strong for those who are “weak”, but if they are strong, they will be able to rearrange those temporary failures. But tomorrow you will succeed if you know how to stand up for yourself. The most important thing is that you find the right thing, what you like and dedicate yourself to the work you pursue.

According to teacher Ngoc: “Parents usually force their children to take the university entrance exam because college is the only way, this is somewhat true for the 6 x and 7 generations. x. The second reason parents want their children to pass the university entrance exam is personal honor, due to competition with society, which marks the success of parents. Invisible university degrees are not for children but for parents through spiritual “victory”.

With such thoughts, children will be affected by being forced to do things they don’t like, which will be harmful to them in the long run. The most important thing for young people is how to have a job to support themselves later in society. Parents need to accept children who are not “fit” for college entrance exams.

Success in life is not determined by college degrees or bachelor’s clothes. Anyone has the right to learn even if you are not a student at a prestigious university. Not every prestigious university will give you a prestigious future like the school. Don’t underestimate the top schools below, especially the growing vocational schools like today.

<3 According to the criteria set by the school, those who are eliminated are certainly not unqualified.

<3 I am a person with this talent, you are a person with that quality and each person has different intelligence points, that's what society is.

If parents do not understand their child’s talents, and then force their child to study and take the exam in a field they don’t like, it is likely to lead to silent opposition, even attempts. failed exam. In my years of teaching, I know of such cases. It is very unfortunate, wastes the whole family’s time, and misses the opportunity to develop their own abilities.”

Technical apprenticeship is also an option

Need to be trained according to ability

<3 general mass training.

The second branch is advanced until grade III, continues to be split into 2 with students with scientific research qualities, this branch will train scientists learn. Another branch is university training specializing in hobbies, will become engineers, doctors…

Modern education in my opinion must be like that, differentiated from an early age to detect and foster real talent, not just training with “the same incubator” , get a degree and later live and develop yourself in a completely different profession. Training as we are now is wasteful.

Many years ago I did a follow-up, carefully recorded in a notebook how people who go to university, including those who take the college entrance exam, have good grades. excellent students are sent to study abroad…but according to my records, up to a quarter of those students do not return to their home country after completing their studies, they stay abroad and live in different fields than they were trained in?< /p>

With more than 40 years of teaching, my students passed the university entrance exam a lot, but up to 80% of them did not live up to the same major as they studied, passed university He attended this school but later got another job. Thus, it can be said that the education system is not standard, students are “lost” a lot of talents, not yet decentralized to bring into full play their talents, leading to wasted effort and money for training.

I see something that hasn’t changed for many years, that university training is not based on labor market needs. Schools are rushing to enroll and don’t care about output.

So while there is a shortage of qualified, skilled and skilled human resources, we have over 200,000 bachelors in excess per year. And accompanied by humorous stories such as bachelors driving technology motorbike taxis on the road, or graduating from university and unable to find a job, then they continued to study for a master’s or doctorate.

So I have advice for young people: College is not the only way on the doorstep to life. If you find yourself running out of energy, stop and look at other turns. Colleges, intermediate schools or vocational schools are still not a bad choice if you really try and have a suitable and right route.

The employer doesn’t care who you are, which school you are in, what your school’s achievements are like, the only thing people care about is the results you achieve in work and college may not necessarily teach us better than what we strive for in life with a lower degree.”


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