Conference of officers and employees in 2021 Hai Duong Vocational College

In the morning of April 3, 2021, Hai Duong Vocational College held the Conference of Officials, Officials and Employees in 2021 to summarize the work results in 2020, deploy the work tasks in 2021 

Attending the Conference were Mr. Vu Trung Hieu – Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector of the school, Mr. Le Van Thuan – Vice Rector, Chairman of the Trade Union, and heads and deputy heads of departments, faculties and centers. and all officers and employees of the University.

Due to the impact of the Covid-19 epidemic that broke out in Hai Duong province from January 2021, the University’s plan to organize the Conference of Officials and Employees in 2021 must be postponed until today.

D/C Vu Trung Hieu – Secretary of the Party Committee, Rector gave a response to comments and discussions.

The staff meeting is an annual activity of the school. On the one hand, it evaluates and praises the results achieved in the educational work of the previous school year, and on the other hand, seriously draws out the causes of the limitations. , exist, thereby setting out appropriate directions for the new year. This is also an opportunity for each member to exercise their democratic right to propose ideas and express their aspirations to the University’s Leaders. The conference approved the report summarizing the activities in 2020, the direction of activities in 2021, the financial report, the report on the People’s Inspection. The conference also heard direct opinions: about training, enrollment, student and student management.

After listening to the draft reports, with a sense of responsibility, on behalf of the Board of Directors, Mr. Vu Trung Hieu – Rector noted, absorbed the comments, constructive ideas and will work with the Party Committee , The Board of Directors promptly resolved the comments and recommendations of the school staff in the coming time.

D/C Vu Trung Hieu – Rector and Mr. Le Van Thuan Chairman of Trade Union signed the Agreement emulation convention for the school year 2021

The conference elected the People’s Inspection Committee for the term 2021-2022, including 03 members: Mr. Hoang Van Duyen – Dean of the Faculty of Electrical Engineering; Mr. Nguyen Xuan Tu – Deputy Head of Student Affairs Department; Ms. Do Thi Nha – Specialist of Testing, Testing and Scientific Research Department.

With the spirit of democracy, solidarity and high consensus, the Conference of Cadres, Officials and Employees in the school year 2021 took place successfully./.

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