Myths about vocational schools

Currently, many people still have misconceptions about vocational schools, negative or positive. Maybe those myths have been true in the past. But at the present time, those thoughts are no longer true. With this article, we will solve the “misunderstanding” about vocational schools with you!

If you fail college, you must go to vocational school
Many people still have this thought, especially in each graduation exam this becomes hotter than ever. This might be the right mindset if you’re living in the 70’s and 80’s – when college admission was still a big deal or school wasn’t really developed.
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With the present time, and also in the future when universities appear more and more, the university admission rate is extremely high. If you don’t pass this school and still have another school, the university gate is not too far away for students. You choose a vocational school not necessarily because you failed college, there are many reasons for young people to choose it.

Benefits of vocational schools
First thing, these friends are probably living their passion. No university will teach you about beauty, spa, cosmetology. Or for you to really experience the industry of your choice. Instead of studying theory in the university lecture hall, these young people choose to “struggle” with the profession they love. But still ensure professional knowledge, high technical skills. Besides, college is no longer the only path to success. Many famous billionaires do not come from college, but they still achieve achievements, bringing a lot of success to themselves. Therefore, if someone chooses a vocational school instead of a university, don’t be quick to look down on them, because maybe they will do great things in the future.
Studying from a vocational school to become a worker

Today, when you graduate from a vocational school, no one will call you a worker anymore, but a technician instead. Studying in a vocational school does not mean that you will do manual labor, you can still do mental work. Normally, when (large) enterprises need personnel, they will often work directly with training centers. At the same time, they also submitted a request to the center to select candidates. Because when you graduate from a vocational school, you already have your own practical experience, get to work faster without spending too much time on training.

Society has given more respect to technical labor. They are the key people, the core at every business. They are just as important as any part of the company, each part is a link that when any link fails, the whole system cannot function.
Vocational schools are just centers
This is a big misconception for today’s vocational schools. There are three types of vocational schools in Vietnam: vocational training centers, vocational intermediate schools and technical colleges. With each form, there will also be differences in teaching, learning time, facilities or certificates.
Types of vocational schools
The first is about a vocational training center, which is a form of a private educational institution. This form meets the legal requirements for vocational training purposes. Teachers of the vocational training center will be hired. And the center will also often cooperate with other businesses, ensuring output for students. Vocational training centers will have no entry requirements, that is, no matter how old you are, whatever your education level, you can still join the class. Next is the vocational intermediate form, when completing the vocational intermediate course you will be granted an intermediate degree. Besides, with this form, you only need to graduate from high school to be eligible to study here. Finally, technical college. This is a training system in the national education system, only after the university level. The condition for you to study at a technical college is that you must have graduated from high school or have a good vocational intermediate degree. In a nutshell, in simple terms, the forms of the school will be arranged in the form from low to high as follows: center, intermediate and college.
Vocational school that only teaches engineering
Currently, there are not only majors such as engineering, electronics, etc., but vocational schools also teach fields such as economics, marketing, accounting, services, and education. education, restaurant, hotel,…. Most vocational schools today have a variety of occupations and focus on training skills for students. In addition to the simple theory hours, there will be practical sessions or even practical practice at companies. This is one of the biggest benefits that vocational schools bring to students.

Vocational schools don’t have many choices

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With the current development, there are also many vocational schools opened. With vocational schools, you will have as many choices as other levels.

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